3/18/09 - 1 week post op

Mar 18, 2009

Well, today I'm officially 1 week post op from having an open RNY by Dr. Overcash.  I decided on this because of 2 reasons, #1, my Dr seemed to feel the most comfortable about performing it this way, and he guarenteed me the incision would be about 4" long, #2 is it was less time "under". 

I'm glad I did it, because he was right, fairly small incision, and if he did it lap and something would've happened, he would've had to open me up as well.  I think it probably could've been done laprascopically without an issue, and on the pre-op prior to rolling into the OR he asked if I wanted it lap, he could change it.  I stuck with my choice for open.

Anyways, I got home on Thursday night, only 1 overnight in the hospital and was in my own bed by 10pm the next night.  He felt I was ready and was a rare case that looked very good and responded well to the surgery.

Friday I woke up with a swollen right testicle.  I called and called, no real answers could be given.  Finally by Monday the pain started to show up and we got an appt with a local urologist. Turns out it was an infection from the catheder in the gland behind my testicle.  Some meds prescribed and they said it will take 30 days at least for it to return to normal!!!  OUCH.  Even the Urologist said, hmm, this will probably hurt more than the surgery for a bit. lol  Yep!

The great benefit from the visit to the urologist was they weighed me - down 14lbs in 1 week!!!!!  WOW

My wife Reza is 110% supportive and also has to take care of our 15-month old girl while caring for me, and she's been food shopping for me, making me protien shakes and all.  We both agree there is no magic protien drink that actually tastes worth a darn!

I'm salivating at the fact of pureed meat!  I can't believe I'm thinking that, but honestly I want real food.  I've promised myself to stick to things though and eventually I will get there, I've come too far to screw it up by jumping forward on the food schedule.


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