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Oct 14, 2009

It has been a long time since I posted so I thought I would update.
It has been 1 year and nearly 3 months since surgery. 
I have lost 185 lbs. now.
My life has changed and I feel like I'm living again, finally.
My hair has grown back and I'm off of most of my meds.
I have gone from a size 34 or 5x to a size 18-20.
I would really like to lose another 100 lbs. but it is coming off very slowly now and I have to work very hard at it and be very diligent. I am not complaining and I thank God for my tool every day and ask for the wisdom to know how to use it properly.
It was very hard for me to say for a long time that I was glad I had the surgery.  I can now say I am glad.. I would not want to go thru all that I've been thru since then but the journey has been worthwhile.  Even if I don't lose any more I can do a lot of thing I could not do before.
List of things I can do now.
1.wear pretty clothes
2.wear heels
3.walk in heels
4.cross my legs
5.be free from my wheelchair
6.sit in a booth at a restaurant
7.play with my grandkids
8.be a better wife & mother
9.ride in anyones car and not worry if the seatbelt will fit or not
10.not be stared at like I'm a freak show
12. fit in a seat at movies and ball games
right now I can't think of anymore, but I'm sure there is a lot I'm forgetting.
Once again I will Thank God for giving me life and for not taking me after surgery.
He does perform MIRACLES!


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