Aug. 20th

Aug 20, 2007

Hi all!!
  It's been awhile since I have updated so here it goes...
To date I am 1 month out had total lost is 30 lbs!! I think it's slow going right  now but I'll take every little pound I can get!! 
  So far so good (knock on wood). I have had no complications and I only suffered "dumping" once, It was no picnic!! I thought I would have to be rushed to the ER!!  But after about 20 minutes (and purging 5 times) it was gone!!  I hope to god that never happens again!!
  I really can't tell on myself the weight loss. Some of my clothes are looser and people I haven't seen that don't know that I had the surgery say I look like I am losing weight. So I guess it is working!! LOL. I hope by my next update I have at least reached 40lbs lost!!  
Until then......

July 23, 2007

Jul 22, 2007

Hi all!  Hi Ya
  Well I had my surgery on the 19th!!  I came home Saturday with alot of pain!!!  All I am doing is sleeping, drinking water and going to the bathroom!!  LOL
  I have to call for my follow up appt today. Other than the pain I feel pretty good. I just want the pain to stop so I can do more. I'm not use to sitting around. Today I am going to venture out and water my plants outside and take a short walk. 
  Hopefully the next time I post I will be pain free!!!  

July 16, 2007

Jul 16, 2007

Hi all!

  Well today I received my medical clearence from my PCP!!!!  
Woohooo!!  I guess this really is going o happen!!   3 more days until surgery!!!  I just want it over with already!! 
  Well the next time I post here, will probably be after surgery!! See you all then!!

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July 7,2007

Jul 06, 2007

Hi all! 
 It's been a while since I have updated. I am finally going for pre-ops on Monday. I am more nervous about that right now than the actual surgery. Less than 2 weeks and I will be on the loser's bench (provided all goes well on Monday). 
  I must say, the time is going rather fast. I hope recovery is just as fast!! I'm trying to get everything organized here at home. This week-end I am cleaning everything, so I don't have to worry about it when I come home from the hospital. It will just have to wait until I can do it....LOL Seeing I live alone. 
  I have many friends and relatives who are just a phone call away, and live very close (right down the street). So I am not to worried about that. 
  Well I hope all goes well...I will post on Monday to let you know how I made out!

   Fingers Crossed 


Jun 04, 2007

 It's About Time     Well....I finally received the phone call I have been waiting so long for. I found out today that I was approved and that my surgery is July 19th!!  I am so excited!!!  Now the countdown begins!  
  Now if only I could give up the smokes all together!!  I am cutting down alot! I use to smoke close to 2 packs a day! Now I am down to under 10 cigarette's a day. Yesterday I had 7...which is very good....I think. Now if I could only STOP!!!!!    I'm trying!!  I have had 6 today and I don't have anymore left!  I better stay in and not run to the store for more!!!   Ohhhhhh it's so hard!!    LOL

Debi    Bouncy 8 

A little closer!!

May 29, 2007

  Well I met w/Dr. Caruana today. He seemed very nice. He answered all my questions. They said I should be called within 2 weeks for a surgery date. Mind you I haven't even been approved yet. I did ask Dr C  if he has had trouble w/ Ind. Health with approvals. He said that they have never denied any of his patients...which made me feel better. Still at the same time I will believe when I see it. 
  Deanna told me it would probably be less than 2 weeks becasue Ind Health normally gets back to them within 24 hrs. So I hope by the end of next week I will here something. If - When I am approved  I will be excited!!  I just don't want to get excited to early just in case....LOL. I'll post more when I hear something! 
Oh I did have bad news today though...I gained 4lbs!!  

Debi    Fingers Crossed 

5/21/07 1st consult a waste of time!

May 21, 2007

Hi all!   Hearts
  Well my first visit with Dr P was a waste of time. I was informed today that he will no longer be in practice @ Synergy and does not know if he is staying in Buffalo to open a new practice . So I was told I could either wait to see if he does or go with Dr Caruana and have a Open RNY. I really don't want a open rny but I guess I will have to now. If I go with another Dr outside of Synergy I would have a LONNNNNG wait. Lord knows I don't want to wait any longer!! I want it done yesterday ya know what I mean?   Ijust wish he would of told me before I met with him. Now I have to take another day off of work and pay another co-pay. I know it sounds petty but I could fill my gas tank with that co-pay I dished out for no reason!! grrrr! After all this I hope to GOD I get approved. That would just suck if I wasn't!! 
Do I sound bitter?  LOL  Damn right I am!!   Sorry I just needed to vent!!!  
Debi Thumbs Down 

5/16/07 2 appts under my belt....

May 16, 2007

Hi all!!  
  Well today I had my 1st consult w/surgeon. He was very nice and I thought it went very well. Except for the fact they never called to confirm my I called them this morning. Good thing I did, I wasn't on the schedule anywhere! Here they called me to make the appt and they just forget to schedule me in?? (WTH)!  She said well I could come in anyways and that she was sorry. I'll tell ya what she was lucky..... because I took off from work for this appt!   I also had my Pysch eval today as well. Went well  I thought. I know the receptionist who is also the Dr's wife, she said I should be fine and not to worry. (Easier said than done). The nurse at Synergy Bariatrics said I should get a surgery date of  late July. So more waiting!!  
Oh yes and I lost 1 more
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April 30th

Apr 30, 2007

Hi all!   Raise The Roof 
  Well I finally got my appt to meet with my surgeon on May 16th. Which is pretty good. I get to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I meet w/the surgeon at 11am and meet with the pysch at 1pm. 
After that I just have to wait for a surgery date. I'm hoping late June.......but I will have to wait and see. If I hear anything I will keeps you's posted!  


April 18th

Apr 18, 2007

Hi all!   Hello 
 One test down...many to go (LOL). I had my mamogram yesterday (ouch)! I'm still hurting today! I was suppose to have a obgyn appt today but they called and cancelled. I guess the Dr had an emergency to deal with. So, now my new appt. is not until May 2nd. Which I don't think will work for me after I counted on the calender. I am going to have to call and reschedule tomorrow. 
  I also have my Physc evaluation on May 16th. So I guess the ball is rolling but not as fast as I would like it. I wanted this done yesterday!!  LOL
 I'll keep ya's posted!
Debi* Waiting 

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5/21/07 1st consult a waste of time!
5/16/07 2 appts under my belt....
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