Nearly a year out now

Mar 31, 2008

Whew, what a journey it has been. Sorry so long between updates, but between learning how to eat and exercise and homeschooling my highschool Jr this year, and trying to work, its been a TRIP!!!

Im down 70 pounds and im within about 6 weeks of my anniversary. I had wanted to be down 100 pounds by now, but hey, reality is wicked bedpartner. The first 30 rolled off pretty easily, but since then, I have had to be careful, relearn to eat ,and take the band rules seriously. I still have frequent snack attacks but I am curbing them. I still dont think im up to 60 grams of protein a day and I HATE logging in food so that is my newest lesson. My weight loss is about 1.5 pounds a week and I am exercising about 4 times a week. I joined the April challenge this upcomeing month so hope to ramp up my efforts. Im an exerciseaphobe so this has been a major deal for me.

Now, I hear my brother is thinking about doing it, and I will say to him, "Come on over to the loser's circle, Mike."  I will teach you all I know, but its an individual journey and you have to work thru all of those food issues yourself. Unfortunatly, the band is a lousy psychiatrist. It dont care that your mother made you clean your plate, or you used to consume an entire bag of cheetos and lick the cheedle off your fingers. Or sneak off to the store and buy chocklate hostess cupcakes and gobble them down before you got home. It just says, "Ok, stop eating or else." Thats all it ever says.

But I love it. And Im having a great time getting smaller, but still uncomfortable with compliments. Working on that too.



Pureed food ahead

May 16, 2007

Moving right along in my little regiment, I have nearly completed my full liquids, which was heaven compared to clear liquids. I have been dining on cream of chicken soup, cream of potato soup, pudding, applesauce, juice, crystal lite ras lemonade and crystal lite peach tea...along with milk and yogurt...I mixed up a concoction in my majick bullet with the protein powder and it was rather icky. I need serious input regarding this protein issue. I went to GNC and he gave me some low fat low carb high protein ideas to get me thru this week and until i get the hang of this powder.  I really havent  been in the mood to eat so I have to force myself to eat/drink what ever you call it. The cream of potato soup with the potatoes pureed into it and then strained has been the tastiest thing yet. The Cream of chicken wouldnt have been so bad if i hadn't mixed in the protein powder, this is not recommended. 
So tommorrrow I start Puree. I have a few ideas to get started and some back up baby food if it doesnt work out. Any ideas would be loved. 
Hope all of you are doing ok........

5 days post op

May 14, 2007

Well, I survived it, and am coasting right along. I am in my 2nd day of full liquids and it is most defineatly better than clear liquids. Beef and chicken broth are just nasty. Bouillion and consumme are  only a little better. Right now im living on cream of wheat soup, cream of chicken soup, pudding, and various pudding-esque products. I finally got some protein powder and still not sure what to do with it.
I have some soreness, and tightness around my incisions and have not started exercising yet because it hurts and he said if it hurts dont do it. I am going out to walk in the morings...however. 
Everyone on this board has been so awesum and encouraging that It should be required reading before banding. 

Thanks to all who have walked before me and lighted the way.........

Thanks everyone for your encouragement

May 05, 2007

I have recieved so many kind words  and it has touched me and given me courage,  and I wanted you all to know...
My surgery date is changed to Wedsnesday, and thats ok. I needed the extra day to recover from working Fri SAt  and sun nites and shifting into [pre] bandster mode. I think my mind is as ready as possible. I still cant imagine how it will be, even with all of the information i have read and "digested" I still haven't experienced it so that is what is left for me to do. 
I have been a very good girl these last few weeks and lost 10 for sure pounds and maybe more. My Doc required I lose 15 pre surgery so that has been my goal, which I believe I have achieved or will by Weds. I paid what I call my "committment fee" and the docs office calls the "program fee". 
I still have to have a mag citrate party ....

So, thanks to all of you again, and I know I will be checking in this week to post news of jitters, freak outs, stress, laughs....etc.

Im just glad this option is out here for us....I had given up hope of ever losing weight. Just gave in to it, ya know?

But it is here, and just in time for my 50th birthday.............

Surgery date change update

May 04, 2007

Hey, they changed my date to May 9th, the next day.  No explainations, just changed it.


Aches and Pains and Diets

May 04, 2007

Ive been off my Nsaids and Advil for 3 days and I feel AWFUL. Im addicted to NSaids...who knew? My suregery instructions dictated I get off of them....ouch.

My body feels like its been dragged (drug) behind a car then beat with a baseball bat.

Now dont even get me started about the pre op diet....Although i did lose 10 p0unds, im not in the mood to starve and hurt. Its all making me very cranky...

Joined Curves

Apr 19, 2007

Well, Im an official member of curves and it looked so easy from the window!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I thought ..."Pfft... i can do THAT ...kinda looks fun."  ...RIIIIIGHT....

Well, its not that the actual exercise was too hard, It wasnt hard but it did get my heart rate up and I was sweatin' and that was just from getting on and off the equipment....LOL...really that was the hardest part was mounting and dismounting....I started laughing and several of the ladies in there started laughing and I said, "Well, ya'll will all be mad at me when my 30 seconds are up and im still trying to get off this damn thing after the next 3o seconds...." 

It really was comical...I have gotten to the point that I can laugh at myself, much to the horror of my children and friends/family. 
I tell them its ok, because I wont be like this much come on, laughter is good for the soul...I didn't wake up this way...I ate my way into it........

So thats what this blog is all about....trying to move more.
My 16 year old joined with me and she is also a big girl, so we will be looking at the band for her in a few months...after she sees how i do. 

Any of you know teens with the band?

Pre breakfast???

Apr 17, 2007

Does that make the real breakfast second breakfast?
    Oh well, I had a slim fast bar for both brefussses...

Ok, Dont fall out, ya'll, Its a start...I got on the treadmill for 12 whole minutes...

Thats good, right? What the hell is wrong with my back?? It feels like tight rubber bands pulled tight when ever I try to exercise any body part, my hip muscle connected to my backbone muscle starts its gonna go sproing. I HATE that....kind of like its going into a spaz..

Ok, so I had 2 bites of bacon tonite and undid that whole treadmill some scrambled eggs and a thats all gone now and i can go back to salads and slimfast......oh lordy.....
I miss food already..........and I haven't even been banded yet.........

Food Journal

Apr 16, 2007

OK, here it is...the long awaited PRE OP PRE BAND  FOOD JOURNAL..

for prebreakfast, I had an oatmeal bar and  plain black coffee, 
real breakfast was a bowl of oatmeal with milk and splenda
for lunch i had a wendy cburger, LTM, and salad with vinegrette dsg.
snack...oatmeal bar and 
dinner I had 3 teriyaki chicken kebob skewers and a cup of rice, lettuce leaves and about a tablespoon of bandang pedong peanut sauce, diet coke. fizz fizz....
Oh and some water.......but not enough..

Not too bad, I think...

Weirdly good day

Apr 15, 2007

Well, Aint time just flyin'?

 Here it is 4 days after seeing my surgeon and Im wondering how I will survive the next 23 days. TWENTY three days to lose 15 pounds. I think I already lost 5, but you know about water weight and female fluctuations. 

I had a plan to cut back on quantity, fat and carbs, then ease into a liquid phase the last few days, but I am feeling this time rush up on me. I do not wish to sabbotage myself again, by ignoring old father TIME.

I think Im psyched up. Im defineatly eating less, because im very hungry most of the time.......

But its during those times of emptyness and true hunger, that I feel failure looming. It has to get better. I know its like a drug addict coming off drugs. I know how they feel. Desparate. I never knew, how important food was to me. I think I must have befriended it,  to comfort me and lull me into a false sense of well being. 

Obviously, I have issues and probably need to seek professional help/advice. .........but really...
Do any of you guys have a psychologist who you regularly meet with on this topic? Do you find it to be helpful?

Just wondering....

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