Good morning everyone!
My name is Jamie! I am a patient of Dr. Clarke and will be having my surgery at Ellis. I am a RN, I specialilzed in critical care and Er. I have always been very over weight my entire life! I am now weighing in at 373. with a BMI of 61. How did I get this way??? Its easier to try to avoid looking in the mirror or ignoring it. I had a baby in june of 2005 weighing 320 at the start and at the end 340. i went back to 320 and soon my weigh started going up. I oct of 2006 I herniated my lower back and required surgery do to numbness and constant falling. I had really packed on the pounds then feeling sorry for myself. I went and saw Dr. Lirio in January and then switched to Dr. Clarke Last month for Laperscopic surgery. I started Medifast on saturday and I can not WAIT FOR FRIDAY!!!!! to get weighed!!!!!!!!  I have gone down in my belt holes and i think my face is thinner. I have been good and have not cheated and i have been drinking 100oz of water a day, the bathroon is my new friend :o)
oh my surgery date is July 5th my very own independence day!

i look forward to meeting everyone and making new friends!

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