Chewables - Essential

"I really am not pleased with the taste. It tastes like someone put some citric acid on a bone and asked me to chew up the bone. I can't stand the grittiness. It's a little pricey too. "

Rose Medical Center

"Too much of the staff was rude and unhelpful, a few were downright mean. I don't feel like I was treated with respect at all. There was a very bad breakdown in communication. The right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing. Tests were not ordered on time and a few that was crucial didn't even get done until the day of discharge. I should have been seen by specific medical staff who never showed up. I never knew what was going on and they didn't either. I didn't get alot of rest, I was bothered constantly by someone and my requests were ignored. I won't stay here again. "
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