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Sep 26, 2007

Well I am holding my own with the weight, I am still at 242, but I just had a fill yesterday and I now have a total of 3.5cc in my band.  I am tight, this is the feeling I thought I should have!!!!! Liquids go down great and food very slow and I feel full without eating anything !!! Lets hope the lbs start to drop again.
I start a new job on Monday Oct 1--I will be the manager of a CT/MRI department.  Starting off with a small hospital, however I look to advance alot in this facility.  David and I go on a vacation in October, we are taking a cruise to the Florida Keys and then the Bahama's I can't wait, he and I need this alone time.  As for the baby thing, we saw the fertility specilist yesterday also, he gave us 4 options and prices for fertility assistance.  It is now up to my husband what we do!!!  I will happily honor whatever decision he makes!!!!
Happy Losing to all!!!!!!!

Weight Loss tracker from:11/06 until 8/1/07

Aug 15, 2007

Weight loss tracker:
11-06      280          Highest  BMI 45.2 
1-27-07   270             -10     4-1-07  253  -3  -27           6-6-07 250 -0 -30 hole found 
2-4-07     262    -8      -18     4-8-07  253  -0  -27          6-13-07  252  pre 2nd Surgery
2-11-07   257    -5      -23     4-18-07  253  -0 -27(40.8) 6-20-07 249 -3 -31              
2-18-07   259   +2      -21     4-25-07  252  -1 -28          6-27-07 251 +2 -29
2-25-07   256    -3      -24     5-2-07   249  -3 -31           7-3-07  248  -3  -32
3-04-07   259   +3      -21     5-9-07   251  +2 -29         7-11-07 248  -0  -32
3-11-07   257   -2       -23     5-16-07  250   -1  -30       7-18-07 247 -1  -33
3-18-07   255   -2       -25     5-23-07  250  -0  -30        7-25-07 247 -0  -33
3-25-07   256  +1       -24     5-30-07  250  -0  -30        8-01-07 246 -1  -34 (39.7)


8-15-07 Here we go again!!

Aug 14, 2007

It has been two week since I have updated.  I was on a weeks vacation last week, we did a bunch of day trips and alot around our house.  I have not gained or lost any weight in 3 weeks now, not sure why??  I did have alot of GOOD unhealthy food, but I really started to walk ,about everyother day.  I know today when I weighed in ,I took into account that I started my period last night, not a good thing, since this was the first month that my husband and I tried to get pregnant since I had my surgery and lost some weight.  My husband really wants a biological child, and I want that for him, however I am very tired of counting days, taking clomid(fertility meds) and have scheduled sex.  We have tried to conceive for the last 2.5 years with taking six  months off for my surgery.  I just wish God would bless us for my husbands sake and then we could get on with life and put all of the watch the date, count the days, take the meds and then nothing , I start my period and then we start all over again!!!!! Oh-well enought of that!!!
I hope that this week I can start to lose a few pounds, however we go to the beach with friends this weekend.  I guess I will start hard core on the 21st when we get back and then my daughter starts back to school and we have a routine again, summers are so hard.  I have great restriction, I can only eat about 4-6 oz and if I do not chew to the point of almost liquid, I vomit and it is very painful!!!!  I am really not every hungry, unless I have not eaten for several hours, but I still get the HEAD hunger!!!!!!! I hope all of you are doing well, and lets hope the last 5 months of this year are good weight loss months for all of us!! until next week, Happy Losing!!!!!!!


Aug 01, 2007

All is well, down another pound!!!!!!!  So I am now just obese, instead of EXTREMELY OBESE!!!!!  I started walk/running on Sunday and then I did it again on Tuesday, and I am finding it is going very well!!! My goal is to exercise 15 day in the month of August, so that is about everyother day.
I can do this!!!
All is well on the home front, my daughter is back from Florida and my husband just boought a new car, a toyota Pruis, so he is now finally happy with his car.
Good luck to all


Jul 24, 2007

First, today is a great day, it is the day that both my Grandmother and Grandfather were born.  They are both deceased, but when they were alive they were the best people in the world, if it had not been for them, I would have had a completely different childhood.  
Well, on to the weight thing!!! I did not lose agything this week, but I am okay with that.  I have been very bad with ICE CREAM, and not exercising.  
I received a fill yesterday, the dr. wanted to make sure that the 2 cc's he put in during the revision were still there and that I did not have another hole. 
All was well, he took out 1.9cc's. so he put back in the 2.5 cc's, I will tell you I am tight now.  This morning I had my 3oz liquid protein, and that went fine, then at 7am I tried to eat a few cherries, I got 4 down and then that pain and up they came.  I will keep with liquids until dinner tonight.
All is well daughter in Florida with my sister and her family for a week . I have alot to do this week with work, I have a date with my husband for Saturday all day, we are going car shopping and then out for a very nice dinner and then the comedy club.
All is GOOD!!!  I hope to have a large weight loss by next week.  Please keep me in your prayers that I start to exercise physically and not just in my HEAD.


Jul 18, 2007

Hello, everyone, I will take the 1 lb lose!!!!  We had a great weekend with friends camping and if I lost 1 lb, I am HAPPY!!!!!!!

1 more pound and I will only be OBESE, not  EXTREMELY OBESE!!!!!

All is going great~!!!!!!!!  My husband keep commenting on how my physical apperance is changing and how proud he is of me.  It really means alot because when he first met ne I only weighed 200lbs, had the confidence of a strong women and the sex drive to match, and that was just 4 years ago. So, having agined 80lbs, having zero energy and NO sex drive, he has truly seen me at my worst!!!!!  My little girl, does not say much, she only gets very concerned if I get something stuck!!!!!
Hope everything is going well for everyone!!!!! See you in a week, hopefully with a larger wieght loss!!!! but who know, as it is PMS week!!!!!!!

1 Month Post-Op again

Jul 10, 2007

I will take it!!!!!  -0 lbs for 1 week of a great vacation and LOTS OF JUNK FOOD!!!!  I was hoping not to gain more than 2lbs, so when I weighed in
today and I did not again any or lose any I was HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!

Vacation was GREAT, anyone who gets a chance to swim with the dolphins, go do it, it is well worth the money.

Well, I am going to start being very careful again and I only hope the scale starts to move.  We do go camping with friends this weekend, but I have promised myself to have fun, but to be aware of everything that I put in my mouth. Until next week!!! HAPPY LOSING TO ALL

3 weeks post-op again

Jul 02, 2007

Well, I have to post a day early, because we leave for a mini vacation tomorrow.  We are heading to Florida for the 4th and staying till the 8th.
We are going to Discovery Cove to swim with the dolphins and that includes all of our days at Sea World.  I hope we have great weather, and that I can continue with my weight loss and not over do it!!!  I was very happy to see the scale move, 3lbs in under a week.  I hipe this style of weight loss continues, as I would like to be below 240 by the end of July.
Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jun 26, 2007

What the HELL???? I gained 2lbs this week, I honestly do not know how!!
I have great restriction, I am getting in my 60oz+ of water, 50+protine and I am eat in a 1/4 of the 1/2 of the portion I could eat after being banded in February.  I started exercising again and I have not cheated, so why am I not losing the weight??? Anyone with any advice???
I really thought that after they fixed the hole in the port and I had restriction, I would begin to lose weight rapidily.  I am very dicouraged.
I do not know what else I have to do to lose this weight.
My husband is trying to be very suppportive, however he is trying to lose weight on his own, and I do not want to make it harder for him, me complaining about not losing weight with the Lap-Band tool and he is losing slowly but surely on his own.
Here is to hoping that this next week is a losing week!!!!!!


Jun 20, 2007

All is well, I have great restriction, I feel very full most of the time.  I am fighting more head hunger than anything.  However if I overeat just a little I really know it!!!  LOTS OF PAIN, NAUSEA, and vomiting.
All is wonderful, husband and I are doing wonderful, my little girl is vacationing in Pittsburgh with her grandparents!!!!!
everyone have a Great Week, Happy losing to ALL!!!!

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8-15-07 Here we go again!!
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