Pregnancy weight gain

Jan 19, 2010

 Hello oh fam. I have not been on this site in over a year. I am in much needed help. I am twenty seven weeks pregnant and i am already 229 from 218. I would like to know if anyone got pregnant after surgery would like to help me answer a few questions?

Down 18

Jun 16, 2008

 Its been a while since i have been on , but i am down another 18 pounds.
i was 311 the day of surgery and now i am 240. I feel s o good about myself . I am more active. I go out a lot more. I am not evil anymore. i think the evilness came from me being stressed about being over weight. i have a lot of loose skin and i know i am from the weight. I do have alot of loose skin and i will have alot more i know. but i am so satisfied that i am loosing the weight right now the skin is not an issue. I hope you all are doing well and you have my well wishes with love! 

Always Smiling, 

I Need B12

Apr 09, 2008

 At first being back at work felt pretty good, but recently I have became increasingly tired. I was suposed to a B12 over a week ago from my primary Physician but they can not give it to me without orders from my surgeon on how much I should recieve and how often. My surgeon did fax them a After care plan for me but my primary missed placed it twice (not my fault) so why am I the one to suffer. So today i devcided to go to The vitamin shop I brought some sublingal B12 strips that you take weekly. I'll let you know how  good they work. 
 Besides just doing cardio I started strenght training on the total gym, boy was it intense. As my husband said no pain no gain. My goal is to strength tarin every other day and to do cardio every day. I want to try to do a hour of cardio but 30 will be my minimum. I am now weighing 266. To some people thta is still big but to me it is great because. I used to be 311. Well thats it for now . hope you all are doing well!


Back To Work.

Mar 26, 2008

 Well, today  I went to my primary care Dr. to get a b12 shot, but only to find out that the did not have the solution for the injection.  Anyway the nurse ordered it and said she would call me when it was in, and that I did not have to make an appoint ment all I have to do is come in. I really wanted to get the shot today being as though I go back to work tomorrow. I heard that it gives you energy, and i'll need all the energy I can get . I am still not as energetic as  I was and i've been out for two months. I am assuming its gonna be a rough week. I guess i'll get back in the hang of things. Also My weight today was 272. Oh so close to the 260's  I can feel it. I have set a goal to be down a hundred pounds by my next appointment which is in August, and I know I am gonna reach my goal; only 61 pounds to go. Alot of people have been complimenting me on my weightloss and how good I look, and it feels great. Some say all i need to do is lose a few more pounds and others say I do not need to lose nothing else since I have always been big I would not look right. hahaha How would they know if I look right or not if they never seen me thinner. Any ways I am doing it more so for my health rather then looks. I may even have to set a new goal for August! i hope you all are doing well and I want to say thanks for all the support!

So Much 2 Talk About!

Mar 14, 2008

 I have so mcuh to wite about. First let me start by syaing I made it to my goal. My Goal was to be under 280 in the 70' by the time I go to my six week post opt visit, and I am  276. 
Yesterday I went  to the hair dresser  and i got so much attention from the fellas. Even though i am married, it felt so good to have all the attention. I do have alot to say but my hubby might read this page, so i am going to leave it at that. you know he is trying to act right.

Sick Again

Mar 03, 2008

I went back to the E.R on the first and I was released on the 2nd around noon. I was severly dehydrated and i have the flu. there was nothing they cold do about the flu because its a virus, but they did give me drops. after leaving the hospital i went home got some slepp and woke up and now i feel three times as bad. Alot of my signs and symptoms has changed for the  worste. this time when i went to the hospital i was treated really nice,but i don't want to go back. If i get one more IV mark with the weight loss people are gonna look at my arm and think i am shooting up. i am gonna go to my primary tomorrow.

Making Moves!

Feb 27, 2008

right afer surgery I walked in the house then the house became boring wallking, so i went toutside to walk and luckily the weather was ok. now the weather is some what cold again i have not been walking much. So yesterday i decided if i can not walk i have to ride my Stamina Bike for 30 minutes or everyday accept sunday. Well today i did it for 45 minutes, since that 45 minutes came so easily i was gonna up it to 45 minutes dailey except sunday. i thought i better not maybe today was just a good day. i am gonna stick with 20 minutes dailey for this week and every week i am going to up it 5 minutes until i am at  a hour. not only have i did excercise
but i started spring cleaning early its gonna take me a while. I am gonna try to keep it moving so the scale can keep moving downward!

I'm So Sick

Feb 19, 2008

 Today I started my soft diet which I was o.k eating. I got in all my protien between eating and having a protein shake, but the protien shake was all the liquid I had for the day.
I know I did not have enough fluid to day. I have a little head ache and feel alitle light headed. I can say I had between 10-15 ounce of fluid today and I feel really bad. I know I am dehydrated. 
I sent my husband to the store to get me some Gatorade even though my surgeon don't recommend drinking it because of the surger, but i know of alot of other surgeons that don't have a problem with drinking Gatorade. I am not gonna make it a dailey habbit; i just want to drink it to help me hydrate myself without going to hospital.
I hate going to the E.R@ H.U.P It is the worste experience ever. It is like its detached from the rest of the hospital when you compare the way your treated going to  the rest of the hospital verses the E.R. And I am not talking about waitng long because I am a nurse , so I know what stat is and whats not.
For example I snagged my drain and i was in the world of pain. not even the Narcotics i was on helped a little. I went To the E.R @ HUP and there was no seats. I could barely walk , bent over, and crying. I asked for a wheel-chair for over a half an hour because there were no seats .No one attempted to find a chair. when I got triaged the nurse seen how bad off I was and I was sent to the back. i ahd a fever of 102.6, i was severly dehydrated ,an High BP, and that damn drain was out of place.
Now can some one tell me why did I have to stand for a half an hour in pain. That entire E.R needs to be retrained except my Triage Nurse. she was the only good thing that came out of the entire visit. The wheel chair was just the begining of the saga, but that is enough  about the bad news
 the good news is that i am now 289 WOW the 280's

IN THE 290'S

Feb 11, 2008

Today my weight is 292, so i have lsot 19 pounds in 2 weeks shy a day. I had a lot of mixed emotions on why I got this surgery when I steped on the scaled i remembered why.

Home Sweet Home!

Feb 01, 2008

I Just came home today and boy am I in is more so the gas and that dam walking is not helping one bit!thanks you guys for praying me through this one.

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