Appointments and Consults Needed before Surgery

Feb 12, 2007

This is a listing of the consults I was required to have before I was eligible for a weight loss surgery date.

Evans Army Community Hospital - Fort Carson, CO


- Appointment with Primary Care Doctor who gave me a referral to the General Surgery Clinic

- Appointment with the General Surgery Clinic Surgeon and nurses (Dr. Imlay): went over the surgery and requirements before making my final clearance appointment

- Bariatric Surgery Orientation Class: where the surgeon's nurse goes over the procedures for the surgery, outcomes, ways to prepare, etc.

- Nutrition Program: two - two hour classes from a dietician going over the nutrition requirements after the surgery, the different steps of food, tips to help out, and the vitamin requirements after surgery.

- Psychological Evaluation: they make sure you are able to handle the surgery, are prepared for the drastic steps that you will have to endure, and to let you know you have someone you can talk to if times get hard.

- Gastric Bypass Support Group Meeting: a vast source of  information for people who have been there that can become part of your support network.

- Gall Bladder Ultrasound: to make sure nothing is amiss before surgery. If there are issues then they will take it out at the same time.

- Final Clearance: appointment with surgeon to make sure you've done everything you need to and are given a surgery date.


I also needed to go to the following appointments only took half of a day all booked one after another:

- Pre-Admission appointment with the hospital: paperwork

- Pre-Op History and Physical with the surgeon

- Pre-Op Labs and paperwork with General Surgery Clinic


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