I have been severely overweight for more than 20 years, working up to a BMI of 54. I have been trying to learn as much as I can about bariatric surgery before I decide to do it, but I have had abdominal surgeries before (hernia repair, gall bladder removal, and 2 c-sections) and recovering from surgery is awful for me.I have tried one last time to lose weight the traditional way (watching calories in vs calories out) As always, I lose about 20 pounds then it all comes to a screeching halt. I try for about 2 more weeks, changing the caloric intake, or increasing the exercise....but nothing. So I give up and gain back the 20, plus maybe 10 more. Thus has been the story of my life for the past 22 years. This website has helped me alot, reading from real people that have had the surgery done and reading about their post op life.

My 41st birthday has come and gone now, and my decision to follow through with the surgery is more gelled in my mind. I've been to 2 group support sessions with my surgeon, had 3 consultations with a nutritionist, and one consult with the hospitals social service rep. I'm told to expect to have the surgery around the end of March or beginning of April since this is an Army hospital and my surgeon is currently on a 90 day deployment (gotta wait for her to get back!). In the meantime, I'm told I need to lose 15 pounds which is soooooo hard for me to do, even without the holidays! I'm currently tracking my calorie intake and activity through a web site called Sparkpeople.com. I HIGHLY recommend it since it's one of the few that are free to use.

In past years I tried Phen/fen, which in the end, landed me in intensive care with a near death experience that will stay with me forever. I tried Slimfast, I tried Dexatrim, I tried Atkins Diet (hello skyrocketing cholesterol levels), and South Beach. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Curves, memberships to a health club, enough books on dieting and exercise to fill a library. You name it, I've done it, and failed. One of my greatest fears is vomiting, as I used to experience a drop in blood pressure when it happens and I usually lose consciousness. It's so absolutely scary that I do anything I can to avoid it. That dizzy feeling I get before it happens is the main reason I never got into drugs when all my friends were doing them when I was younger. That will be the main thing to keep me strictly following doctors/dieticians orders when I'm post-op.

Surgery for weight loss is by no means an "easy" way out. For me it's scary and a last resort. I have a love affair ongoing with food and it will be a hard thing to give up, but give it up, I must if I don't want to die young and leave my husband a widower far too young.





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