United Regional Healthcare Systems Duplicate

"The staff was wonderful, accommodating, caring and friendly. I couldn't have asked for better care."

Kenneth M.R. Warnock

"I met Dr. Warnock for the first time in early May, and I have to say I was impressed with him. He takes his time with you, answers all of your questions, and tells you what he expects of you. We discussed mortality rate, his techniques, anticipated hospital stay, everything. My husband came to the appointment as well and all of his questions were answered too. I'm feeling very comfortable with the decision to do this surgery.rnUpdate:rnI'm now 1 week post op, and my confidence in Dr. Warnock has been well placed. I've attended a number of support group meetings made up of at least half of Dr. Warnock's patients and everyone agrees. The man is a Godsend. He is the best surgeon I could have ever asked for and I would highly recommend him to anyone considering going to him. He truly cares about each and every one of his patients."

Syntrax Nectar Lattes Whey Protein Isolate, Cappuccino

"The cappuccino flavor dissolves really well in water (haven't tried milk) and is very tasty, it makes a good coffee substitute too, since I gave up coffee and I've missed it."

Syntrax Essence Isolated Protein Blend, Chocolate Essence

"Dissolves quickly and doesn't taste chalky or gritty. I like it better than some of the others I've tried."
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