Hello everyone my name is Deborah, I am from Beaumont, TX.  I am married to a wonderful husband of 18 years and we have two great children Breanna she is 14 and Kaz he is 16, well great maybe a little strong we are going through the teenage years so we have our days but honestly I have been blessed with two pretty good kids.  I have been on the battle of weight loss ever since I graduated from high school.  I was very athletic and the summer after graduation I gained 30 pounds and that is all she wrote 2 kids that was another 40 pounds an a pound here a pound there.  I tried everything and never could control the weight.  I am hoping that the Lap-Band is the answer.  I have just started my journey 10/24/2007.

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Beaumont, TX
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Oct 07, 2007
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