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Hi Everyone:

Back from a long break on this website.....and well, gave it all I got with the LapBand ,but it just ended up not working for me. I am in the process of getting a decision from my insurance for a revision for GB. Cannot get the s

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Maybe I have been in a hole..... - But in Chicago, where I am, its being rumored that Jesse Jackson Jr., who has been missing for a month is in "recovery" for alcoholism CAUSED by LapBand Surgery.  Has anyone else h...

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Meat & Potato Kinda Gal........ - Hi All -- Okay - so I am seriously a meat and potato type of girl.  To define that - I like things pretty simple but with good taste -- I also love cream sauces (like a gravy)....

Katie T. wrote a blog post 8 years, 12 months ago
A NEW BEGINNING..... - After years of eating around the band and no excersizing - it was to my complete surprise yesterday, 4/12 to get weighed in at the surgeons office and have only gained 3 lbs in ove...

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OT: Jimmy John's UNWICH -- LOVE IT!!! but...... - I have been working my tail off over the past few weeks to get back into the "correct eating" patterns for the band, and well today, I didn't prepare anything for lunch.  So I chos...

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OT: PEACEFUL DAY - Fellow Bandsters - First, I want to thank those who sent me some words of wisdom and helpful suggestions last night in private messages as well as on the board.  I never intende...

Katie T. posted a discussion topic 9 years ago
SO COMPLETELY OUTRAGED -- WHO THE HECK.... - For those of you who know or have seen me online on this board for YEARS, have never heard me complain, want a pep talk, or want anyone to tell me it's okay.  Well yesterday I post...

Katie T. posted a discussion topic 9 years ago
Pain / Ache at port area..... - What the heck -- I have had pain in the port area for months now -- anyone else ever experience this -- could it possibly be due to a problem with the band?   Any feedback would...

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HUNGRY - SMALL MEALS - URGHGH! SUGGESTIONS PLEASE - Hi Everyone:  Haven't had a fill in over a year -- haven't lost since my first year -- really tried very hard over the past two months - excersize started again, eating protein ...

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