I am 45 years old and ready for a change.  I am waiting for my insurance to approve my surgery and then I am on my way to the new me...  I have completed 8 weeks of pre-op classes, been poked and prodded and found fit for surgery.  I have struggled for years and years and years (I could go on!! hehe) with my weight as we all have.  I have tried every diet imaginanble and even tried calling it my lifestyle change instead of a diet but that didn't work either. 

 When I started having the same problems that my mom has (she is 30 years older than me) I decided I needed to do something and do it now.  Several members of my family and extended family have undergone some type of gastric bypass.  Most of them were years ago and they lost weight only to gain it all back and then some.  I have been assured that the surgery has changed from how they used to do it.  Plus I have attended all the pre-surgery education classes they have to offer and will be attending post-op support group which non of my family had available to them. 

 I love this website and have been reading and reading all the posts.  Can't wait to become a loser!!

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