weight before I forget....

Jun 26, 2007

06/05 - 311 (morning I started pre-op diet)
06/19 - 294 (morning of surgery)
06/21 - 313 (2 days after surgery - in hospital)
06/25 - 305 (started taking diuretics)
06/26 - 301 (one week after surgery)
06/27 - 297
06/28 - 294 (post-op appt today)
06/29 - 291
06/30 - 290
07/01 - 288
07/02 - 286
07/03 - 282 (4 weeks today from start of pre-op diet)
07/04 - 282
07/05 - 278
07/06 - 277
07/08 - 277
07/09 - 275
07/10 - 274
07/11 - 274
07/12 - 272
07/13 - 271
07/14 - 269
07/15 - 268
07/16 - 268
07/17 - 268
07/18 - 268
07/19 - 266 (One Month from Surgery Date 6/19)
07/20 - 266
07/21 - 266
07/22 - 266
07/23 - 266
07/24 - 266
07/25 - 266
07/26 - 264 (YAY!! The darn scale FINALLY moved!!)
07/27 - 264
07/28 - 264
07/29 - 264
07/30 - 264
07/31 - 264
08/01 - 263 (geesh!!)
08/02 - 262
08/03 - 261 (WOW - 50 LBS!! YAY ME!!)
08/08 - 259
08/10 - 258
08/13 - 257
08/14 - 256
08/16 - 255
08/18 - 252
08/22 - 251 (YAY!! 60lbs 1/3 way to my goal)
08/26 - 250
08/29 - 249
08/30 - 248
09/02 - 245
09/06 - 243
09/09 - 242
09/11 - 241
09/17 - 240
09/19 - 239 (3 months from surgery date)
09/20 - 238
09/21 - 237
09/27 - 235
10/02 - 233
10/09 - 231 (80lbs gone forever!)
10/22 - 229 - I hate stalls!! (4 months down)
10/23 - 228
10/26 - 227
10/31 - 225
11/06 - 224
11/13 - 223 (slowly but surely!!)
11/26 - 218
11/29 - 217
11/30 - 216
12/03 - 214
12/05 - 213 ( 2 more lbs to 100!!!)
12/17 - 210
01/03 - 209
01/04 - 208
01/05 - 207
01/06 - 206
01/07 - 204
01/08 - 203
01/10 - 202
01/14 - 201
02/08 - 199
02/12 - 197
02/14 - 196
02/16 - 195
02/19 - 194
02/28 - 193
03/04 - 190
03/05 - 189
03/09 - 186
03/11 - 185
04/26 - 182
04/27 - 180 On the road again!! WHOOOHOOOO!!
04/30 - 179
06/03 - 177 SLOW but SURE??????
06/06 - 175 YAY still losing!!
08/12 - 169
01/16 - 159


Jun 24, 2007

Well, here it is, I am 5 days post-op and feel like I need to get this in writing before I start forgetting (however, I would like to forget some of it)....

Woke up around 5:30 morning of surgery, had to be at the hospital at 8:00 (30-45 minute trip)...

Took a really long hot shower, shaved my pits and legs..hehe
Was sitting at the dresser brushing hair and getting dressed when hubby walked in and looked at me, smiled and said "This is your new beginning"... Not a big deal to you maybe, but it was the sweetest thing he could have said to me. I started to cry of course and told him how sweet he was and how much I appreciated all his support. We finished getting ready, last minute packing and drove to the hospital. I honestly don't even remember that drive. Must have had 100000 things running through my mind. I wasn't scared, I was anxious not knowing for sure what to expect.

Got to the hospital around 7:45. My daughter and granddaughter were there with me too. My daughter has always been my rock (she know's what that means) and my granddaughter is the joy of my life (a big part of why I am having this surgery in the first place).

Went upstairs to the 2nd floor waiting area and then me an the hubby were called back to another room. They took blood (it took them 2 tries btw...GEEZ), took some more history, took my blood pressure and my temp...(oh yeah, forgot to mention that my temp usually runs around 97 to 98. Almost always below normal, but the morning of surgery it was in the low 99's... I blaimed this on the unusually long hot shower I took?????) Anyway, after that they told me that they would probably come and get me around 9:30 or 10:00.. My surgery was scheduled for 11:00. Hubby went and got daughter and granddaughter and they ran downstairs to eat a bite, they didn't want to eat in front of me that morning... They got back to the room (after I had time for a small meltdown, that I kept to myself).... We visited for just a little bit then they came to get me. Dr. Dort was wanting to start early (thank goodness) they took me back to pre-op around 9:45 ish... Said good bye to hubby and daughter and granddaughter....

They took me into pre-op.. Put some patches on my back and hooked me up to the blood pressure machine and oxygen moniter. Put a heated blanket around my left arm so that they could start my IV. She got it started first try thank goodness and it didn't even hurt. Don't know that her name is, but she gets the gold star... The anastheseologist (sp??) came in and I went over all my history with him. Then another one came in and reviewd my chart... Ladies across the room started cracking up over something the nurse did and we were all laughing even though we had no idea what happened... I didn't get any happy drugs because my surgeon wants you to walk into the operating room. The nurse said if the gave me what the normally gave folks I wouldn't be walking anywhere... They also put some pressure stocking thingies on my calves. Hung around there for just a little bit. Dr. Dort came in with a big smile on his face and asked me if I was ready..... He told me he was going to take really good care of me and that made me feel lots better.

Walked out into the hall, down another hall and then down another (how the heck far is this operating room anyway???) and then finally got there... A really sweet girl that worked with Dr. Dort helped me get there..

OK, got into the surgery room, climbed up on the table and why do they only make it 3 inches wide??? Anyway, it was freezing cold in there and then came the warm blankets so I was happy. Then came the happy drugs so I was even happier yet. I heard the drug guys (can't spell anasthesiologist??) started talking about thinking that they had enough of something.. Of course I piped up and told them that they better be sure they had enough and that I would wait if they needed to go and get more... I think they thought they stressed me out because they were all like...oh no, every thing will be fine... We weren't talking about anything that was going to keep you asleep. I told them that I preferred not to wake up until AFTER surgery!! hehehe Then they put a mask over my face and the next thing I know.....

Recovery... I woke up and thought they had cut me in freakin half. I hurt so bad and was thrashing around in my bed saying it hurts it hurts it hurts...give me something please... over and over and over... FINALLY it settled down some and somehow I ended up back in my room... That is the memory I hope most fades with time...

Anyway, back in my room, with my happy drug pump. I just mostly laid there and listened to all that was going on around me.

Lots of friends and family came to see me that night and within the next 2 days. I for the most part just heard them though..hehe I would start to hurt and just kept pushing my button until I would hear a beep and then la la land again. My hubby, my daughter and her husband and grandbaby, my son my mom and dad, my friends Deanna, Kim, Anita, my nephew Brandon, my brother in law Scott, were all up to see me, can't recall for sure which days they were there, but I know they were there at least for a while.. Hubby spent the night. He was such a sweetie. I swear I saw I side of him that in 26 years of marriage he had never reavealed to me before. My daughter was awesome, she has been right there anytime I need her and bless her heart, she has a 3 year old and one on the way (yippee!!) and is still right there by my side. My son works, so he was in and out but has been a huge help too. My mom did my laundry and stuff for me before they had to leave..on Friday..

My surgery Buddy from my class Kimberly was in the hospital with me.. we tried to visit each other at last once... She had a really hard time with meds and I felt so sorry for her. Then our other classmate Jaime came to see me and I thought that was extremely brave of her.. I was to chicken to go see anyone before I had my surgery... I knew if they weren't up looking 100% I would freak out!!

Recovery was pretty good. I did start pooping blood on day 3 early in the morning and was freaking out because I thought they were going to have to do surgery again. That took a couple of days to clear up, especially with all the blood thinners they give you... They also found a tumor on my tummy. So far the test have came back that it was benign, but I will get results at my appt on Thursday..

I did pretty good when I got home. I just hung around the house and rested a lot and drank lots of water. I would almost have a freakin panic attach everytime my hubby changed my bandage on my drain. That thing totally grossed me out and I was sooooooooo very happy to get it out.

Last Hurrah!!

May 30, 2007

Well, that is what I am calling it anyway.  Just got back from the lake.  I got to spend Memorial weekend with all of my family and my best friends (except one ... I missed you Anita)  We had a great time and of course I started to cry when it was all over.  I have the best friends and family ever.  My mom and dad got to come too (they live out of state) and my sweet daughter, her hubby and my every so adorable granddaughter, and my cutie pie son was there too.  I drank a little beer and even smoked a cigar...  Last one forever, I promise, but we were in the moment ya know!!  Now it is down to business.  I go this afternoon to get my pre-op diet instructions and stuff for my 2 week liquid diet hell.  I know, it is all for my own good and I am up for the challenge, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.  I am so ready to get my journey started and can't wait to be on the other side of things.  I am having such good vibes and positive thoughts about how my surgery and new life are going to be, I am not going to accept anything less.  

THANKS to all my OH friends.  You are all awesome and the support has been tremendous.  Nice to be able to have friends who are going through the same experiences with you....

Love you all!!


Apr 27, 2007

YAY!!  I am officially approved for surgery.  I see Dr. Dort on the 7th of May and will set my surgery date at that appt.  I am soooo excited.  I guess it doesn't seem totally real yet.  I think once I get my date reality will set in and then I will feel like I can post on here....

Thanks everyone!!

Waiting for insurance approval

Apr 11, 2007

Hey Everyone

I have been reading all your posts and I love this sight.  I am currently waiting for my pre-cert from my insurance company.  I should hear any day and then I can make my appointment with my surgeon.  I am really excited to get going.   

Can't wait to hear back from other members... 

Have a great day!!

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