Another Day 2/9/07

Feb 08, 2007

Hello O.B. Family, 

Just wanted to send a shout. All has been ok, and I'm 20lb lighter. I can't see the weight lost today because it seem to have slowed down. I hope all is well with others, and if you're feeling a litle over whelmed,  it will get better. I have recieved a lot of compliments, and my face is looking thinner.  I need a fill right now, and these 6wks apart for them isn't enough. I told my Doctor just fill me up all the way, and then take out if need be, this .5cc isn't get it (~_~).....  I'm still not eating bread, and I'm so proud that craving isn't haunting me.  I haven't had but 2 lite spit ups and have had no sickness. I love those sugar-free popsicles, I run through a box of those, and I walk on my lunch break. 

I eat eggs all the time, I love the chocolate carnations instant breakfast drinks, and I have to have my grits & butta, no sugar (~_~).  

What I am looking forward to is my sex drive increaseing. That part of me is sleep fa real, the thought is more powerful than the action. Love making is a beautiful thing and I'm just lazy. I want the results from love making but the will to get it started has left the building (~_~). 

You Guys be well and Good Luck in your quest, what ever that may be.



Dec 01, 2006

Hey All, 

The surgery went well, and i'm a little sore. I stayed in the hospital overnight, and was released the next day. I haven't been hungry at all but trying to keep in liquids so i won't be dehydrated. Of all things; why did I have to start my cycle when i got home. Thanks God for good partners because i couldn't do this alone. I don't see how one goes home the same day or back to work in a matter of a week or 2, forget that. I need help being bath, and everything. The gas is off the chain, make sure you keep gas-x around, and at this point I just want to poop (~_~).... Later Guys


Nov 23, 2006

Hey All, 

This is my 1st post, and I am so; all the above. I am a 39 yr old Mother of 3, and 1 GD. My surgery is in 4 days, I don't know what to do with my thoughts. It's so hard to see me in an after photo, scars do run deep. Today is healing time, Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually. My health is becoming a factor, and I need to lose weight to clear this matter up. My GD is 5mo. old, and I can't imagine not being around to hold her child. Today is a new day, and kudos to all of you...

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