Long Time, No See

Apr 08, 2009

Well hello there!  It's been quite some time since I've visited Obesity Help, so it's time I let you all know what's been going on with me.  I reached the 6 month surgery anniversary in November, and am closing in on one year.  I have been doing well and am only about 6 lbs. from my goal of 225 lbs.  I have been holding steady at 231 - 234 lbs.  Honestly if that's where I stay I'll be satisfied.

I've had no dumping problems.  I stay away from deep fried foods, although an occasional chicken nugget or onion ring isn't a problem.  Sweet stuff isn't a problem.  I've finally learned to chew food well enough so that getting stuck isn't a problem either. 

My general diet during the work day is as follows:

Two Balance Gold nutrition bars each day (30 grams protein total)
A Lean Cuisine or other frozen meal for lunch (15 grams minimum)
A normal dinner
Evening snack of fresh fruit, nuts, etc.

I stay away from bread, so no hamburgers, etc.  If I have fast food it's a Wendy's chili or a Taco Bell supreme nachos, or maybe a salad with a chicken breast.

I have no problem with pasta or rice.  Chicken works just fine.  I love steak, but I have to chew, chew, chew so I don't have it very often.

All in all I have had a good experience with my surgery.  It hasn't always been easy, but I'm glad I had the surgery.  I love buying new clothes, going up and down stairs with ease, playing drums in my band, etc.  It's all so much easier after losing the weight.

So, if any of you need to be cheered up, or need words of encouragement please send me a note.  Take care!



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