Surgery is a "go"!!!

Oct 14, 2011

Pre-surgery COUNTDOWN and Update - I had the chemical stress test, today. The cardiologist read the results and said there is nothing wrong with my heart. I will have the surgery, Monday, at 7:00 AM. Must  be there at 5:30 AM. My mom and Pat will be in the waiting room, at DePeres Hospital, all morning, if anyone wants to keep them company.... :-)

All thoughts and prayers welcome. On Monday, I will TRULY be able to say, "Today is the first day of the rest of my life."

The stress test was bad; but NOT as bad as the last time, several years ago. More like purgatory, rather than hell. But it's over. Next step - surgery!!!

I have had so many people who have been happy to talk about their surgeries. And so many others come to me with well wishes. I thank you all. Can't wait to see you, after the surgery/


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