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Oct 20, 2011

I had the surgery on Monday, Oct 17. All went well with the surgery; but the following 24   hours were not comfortable ones. I was still NPO and my mouth got SO dry my tongue stuck to the top of my mouth. And, I was ICU (standard procedure, since I wear a C-PAP) and wired for sound (almost literally). I also was on a morphine pump and used it a little too much for my own good, in the dark hours of the night... So I was VERY groggy and lethargic, most of Tuesday morning. And JUST awake enough to be aware that the feeling "wasn't right."

Home now, and feeling better. Except I am SO constipated. No BM, since last Saturday, I believe. I've tried suppositories, MOM, and a Fleets enema. No luck. I know it is a combination of the anesthetic/pain medication, BIG change in diet, AND not drinking enough liquids. Total fluid intake, yesterday, was around 30 oz.

Knowing all that is, however, of no great comfort, at 3:00 AM, when I am nearly doubled over. (Not TOTALLY doubled over, or I'd have called my surgeon, by now....) Does anyone have any suggestions of anything ELSE  I can do for this issue? I'm sure it's come up before. And will come up again. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

Enough for now. I'll probably post several times, today. Unless I end up back in the hospital, today....


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