Go_Go_Girl 18 years, 7 months ago

Hey Edmond Girl! Congratulations on making a decision that will greatly improve your life. I hope you have an uneventful surgery and a rapid recovery so that you may realize your dreams of improved health and well-being. I can't promise that the road ahead will always be smooth, but it WILL be interesting. God's peace be with you tomorrow.

TheresaK 18 years, 7 months ago

Congrat's on your upcoming surgery and best of luck on your new journey!! *hugs* Theresa

Grace loves cats 18 years, 7 months ago

Congratulations on your surgery! I hope everything goes very well for you. May your recovery go well, and soon you'll be on the road to better health. Take good care, listen to your Doctor, and God Bless.

Black Beauti 18 years, 7 months ago

I wish you a journey that is safe, and uneventful. I commend you on having the courage to take your own health and happiness into your own hands. Be Blessed!! Stay Strong in teh struggle, and remember you never walk alone *smile* You'll be in my prayers!! *smoochies* ~T~ NEVER SURRENDER

~Tooter - the Droopy Witch 18 years, 7 months ago

Just popping in to wish you a successful surgery and a rapid recovery. May luck follow you where ever your journey may lead you!! Hugs & Shalom (May you be blessed in every aspect of your life) Toots

jennamoose 18 years, 8 months ago

Congrats on your upcoming surgery. God Bless you with a speedy recovery! I wish you the best and can't wait to hear from you when you are a certified LOSER! :) Jen V.

cajungirl 18 years, 8 months ago

Congratulations on getting your surgery date, it will be here soon. Sending positive thoughts and prayers up for you as you begin your journey to good health. Get ready, it's a wild ride on the losing side, but one I am definitely lovin. Dana

princesssplenda 18 years, 8 months ago

Congratulations on your surgery date. I'm praying that you have a successful surgery free of complications. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or check out my profile. Candy RNY 11/16/04 11/16/04 283/181/150

Didi 18 years, 8 months ago

Hi Edmond Girl, We'll have to keep in touch and compare notes often since we are both going over to the Losing side on the same day. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Jodie M. 18 years, 8 months ago

We share the same date! I bet you are as scared and excited as I am. The day is finally coming. Here's sending you a hug and a prayer- many blessings on your new journey! JM.
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