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3 month post-op visit

Jan 07, 2008

My appointment lasted all of 5 minutes... a 1.5 hour drive for 5 minutes!?!?  Oh well... I have lost 60lbs as of today (57 as of my appt on 1/3/07).  Surgeon looked at the incisions and said everything looked good.  They then asked me about exercise... and ummm... well .... errrr... I haven't exercised in over a month (shame on me, I know). And the surgeon AND the nurse fussed at me... deservingly, of course.  So this past weekend I went and repossessed my treadmill from my SIL... so I can't use the excuse of cold weather or that it gets dark so early!!

I have noticed that when I don't get enough protein... I don't lose quickly at all... not rocket science but I never did what it took to get enough in.  Since my appt, I have done a protein shake/drink everyday and am seeing GREAT results... so this WILL continue.

Next appt - April 3, 2008

6 week post-op

Nov 20, 2007

Good news:
Well, I went to see my surgeon today for my 6 week post-op appointment, and it went better than expected.  First of all, I've lost 30lbs to date.  Surgeon said I was right on schedule.  My surgeon's office takes measurements (arms, boobs, waist, hips, and thighs) and I've lost a total of 10 inches!!  They said I was doing better than expected with my protein (YAY!!).

Bad news:
I kept seeing alot of posts about peanut butter.. and I LOVE peanut butter.  My surgeon hadn't mentioned anything about it, so I thought I'd ask.... well.... they said I shouldn't EVER have peanut butter ... too high in fat and sugar. *SIGH* ... so devastating.. lol .. I know there are a gazillion worse things... but I really do like peanut butter.  Oh well.

I had posted about having smoked during my 6 weeks post-op and I was concerned about me screwing things up with my healing.  I had considered not saying anything to the surgeon but I wanted to make sure I was ok... but was afraid they would be mad.  BUT .. I did mention it and they weren't mad at all.  Of course, they encouraged me to stop (and I am)... but they said I should be fine... and if I stumble along the way... it isn't the end of the world.  What a great relief!!

Doc says I am to eat protein and nothing else at this point.  He wants me to eat some type of meat for lunch and dinner.. and then egg, cereal, or yogurt for breakfast.  So starting today... I will try this and see how this goes.

Next appointment - January 3, 2007

My progress to date

Nov 17, 2007

Surgery Approval/Insurance Journey:

Once I chose my surgeon, I had to do the routine exams.  I met with my PCP first and since I hadn't really had any medical issues, he wanted to do his own battery of tests (stress test, EKG, eckocardiogram, chest xrays, blood work, etc)... then my surgeon made me meet with a psychiatrist, pulmonologist, have an upper GI, cardiologist exam)... all which came back ok.  I had to submit to the insurance company that I had been on a supervised diet for 6 months... Luckily, I had recently purchased the Weight Watcher program and was keeping a diary.  I continue to do so until I had 6 months worth of documentation.  Once that was submitted, I was approved within a week.

Pre-op/Surgery Scheduled:

My surgery was originally scheduled for 7/11/07 and I went for my pre-op assessment with the surgeon.  When it came to the issue of smoking... I was honest and said I had started back recently (not remembering that they told me in January that I had to be smoke-free for 3 months).  The moment I had admitted I had smoked, they said my surgery was going to be cancelled.  I was DEVASTATED!!  But at the same time, couldn't blame anyone but myself.  That was a LONG trip home from Atlanta.. having to call my work, my family and friends and tell them the surgery wasn't going to happen for a while.  The surgery was re-scheduled for 10/10/07.  I remained smoke-free and surgery was done.  I am naturally a paranoid person (thanks to my mother) and was very very very scared the day of surgery.  But I had made the decision and there was no turning back.


I spent 2.5 days in the hospital with no complications and virtually no pain.  I was up walking 45 minutes after being released from the recovery room.  I wouldn't have had ANY pain if it hadn't been for the co2 gas they use to inflate your stomach.  Once I was home, I had only one panic moment... when my fever spiked.. but once I took Tylenol... no more issues.

My first post-op appointment went well... had lost 15lbs.  Next pre-op appointment will be on 11/20/07.

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