I am so happy after this surgery. It has been weeks from the surgery date. I am down many pounds and haven't felt this good in a long time.

7/21/03 Wow is it great such a milestone to be at 200 and be a size 14. I haven't been that size since I was 12. It is coming off slower than in the begining but as log as it comes off and stays off.


7/29/03 Becoming depressed still no weight loss in 8 days. I am still exercising and eating right. Starting to get a little worried. I keep thinking it will get better soon. If I still don't lose anthing in the next week I will contact my Dr. I try to remember that its 48lbs in 12 wks. but not easy when you are wanting to see losses. Have become aware that my hair is starting to fall out. I have increased my protein. Dr has put me on B1 for my memmory which seems to be not so sharp as before, and I have to take Perdium for my lack of bowel movements. I don't see that they are helping either though. Not sure what we wil try next. I also went for B12 testing. Waiting for the results on that. One other thing that has started since my surgery is I am now going through Menopause. A family trait to go through it early after a major surgery. I have an appointment to go see a OBGyn about my hormones next month. Well things seem to be going OK so far as I have energy that I have never had before. Will keep posting as changes occur.


8/13/03 I am now finally under the 200 mark and so excited. It is hard to believe that I am at this point in my life. This is less than I weighed when I was in High School. It is so easy to be happy with this weight. I don't hink much about the surgery any more. I have been walking and even started to run some in my walk time. Trying to build up to run my whole work out but am still on a run/walk pattern. The weight is falling off but not very fast these days. Having trouble with Iron storage but not from the surgery. It was a spoblem before surgery but looks like it is going to be here for ever. Going weekly for Iron shots now but hoping that won't have to keep that up forever. Will keep updating as things go on.


9/18/03 It has been another month. I have been feeling good. Went back to Dr Faulkenberry and he is very happy with the results. My BMI is now at 34 and I am very happy. My Iron has gone to normal so I am now doing shots every 2 wks. I am still doing some exercise but not as much. Trying to get back on track. Having pain in my hips from the Iron shots. In my walking time at the track I have begun to run some of the way. I run the corners and walk the straights. Looking forward to being able to run the whole track one day. Having Hair loss hoping that will get better soon.


9/26/03 not much happening except I became a grandma again for the 3rd time this week. It is amazing to be able to go through this with my children. I tried to watch what I eat but it is not easy. I find myself drifting towards carbs more that anything else. I am walking and last night I jogged about 1/2 mile after I walked a mile. I was so excited that I could jog that far. Not much weight loss but that is Ok I look good to everybody but me. I know that I am thinner but I am not where I want to be so I will have to kick butt if I am going to get to goal.

I am feeling pretty good these days. Not any problems and life is so busy. Still trying to get in some exercise it is hard to fit in right now but I do get alittle. Iron levels are at normal but still have to get shots. Going every two weeks now. Hope that I will be able to discontinue by the end of the year.


10/29/03 Well I have not posted in some time a person gets so busy. I am still on Iron shots and taking my calcium and vitamins. Exerciing almost regularly and just loving the new mw. The only thing I have been going on is that I have now had my 3rd UTI since surgery. I will talk with my Dr about it when I see him in Dec. Internal Medicine Dr is happy with the fact I no longer have to take any thing for Diabetes or High Bloodpressure or even high anything else.


11/3/03 well I am now 3 days from a 6 months post-op. I feel great most of the time. Was able to buy a size 14 dress this weekend at a yard sale. It is so cool. I have noticed that I have been eating to many candies and carbs. I have decided to go back onto a protein and Carb counting thing for this month and see if I can get under controll again. I don't eat allot but the carbs are eating me alive. I will write again just before the holidays to let all know how I am doing.


11/6/03 6 months out and all is good. 69lbs down at the half way mark. I have hit a plateau and I am not loosing but I have been losing inches. I am so glad that I had this surgery. The only thing that I have noticed is my lack of Labido and the fact that the surgery put me into early Menopause. I have found that I am in much better shape than I have ever been.


11/12/03 Feeling like I will never lose another pound. I have not been able to exercise at the gym in over a week and I wasnt to get back at it but so many things in the way. I have been depressed this past few weeks at the plateau but I know it is bound to happen. I have been eating to many Carbs and working on getting all those under controll.


11/20/03 Man is it bad. Today I weighed and I am up 5lbs. I am sure it will be Ok and I am going on liquids for a few days to kick start the weight loss again. I have not been exercising as much as in the beginning. I have started that again also. I am depressed about the gain but I feel it is my own fault and I will have to be more delagent in my efforts.


12/1/03 Almost 7 months since I had the surgery. I have hit a real plateau and am thinking I will never go below this 178-180 weight. I want to say that I hate that but in a way I do not. I am very happy that I am down this 70 lbs and I have droped over 100 in the last year. I have not been exercising much and I am sure that is why I am at a plateau. I also have found that I love to have my sweets. I am trying to work on both problems but it will take time that is for sure. I have been having some problems with my neck and shoulder not surgery related but with the new meds I am so afraid of taking them and having a problem with my pouch. I have been drinking more liwuids so I guess that will have to hold me for now. Hoping to get a weight machine or somethinglike that for Christmas but who knows. Will write more after my weigh in on the 6th for my 7 month weight. Maybe I will not have gained any.


12/08/03 Well her it is 7 months post op and I am still doing OK. I weighed in today and I have gained a few pounds. I am not going to worry yet. I would like to start losong again but witht he holidays I don't think that is going to be the case. I have started with more water today and have decided to work out every day at the gym. It is not as easy that is for sure now. I feel as if I am doomed to stay at this weight forever but I will try to drop at least 5-10 more pounds by the end of the year.


12/14/03 Well I have finally had a break through. After being on a pleateau for about 8 wks now I finally did it and have lost aanother 7lbs. I am so excited. Looking forward to a downward progress now. I consulted the diatician but did not take all her advice. What I did do was started drinking Tea. I think that the diaretic in tea had been making me P more so I am losong more. I also gave up popcorn last week. It was fat free but I think the Carbs were doing me in. Will right more as more happens


12/16/03 Well today was my checkup with Dr Faulkenberry. It was a tough visit for me since I had only lost 9lbs the past 3 months. I knew I had not lost much but I am still losing. I am hoping that I am making better food choices now and will need to start expending out more energy.Per the doc more out than in as if I didn't already know that. I will keep going with whatever I am doing and hit it harder after the holidays.


12/24/03 Well I am on a downward trend again finally. I got a new bike and have been ride it anywhere form 1.5 miles to 3.5 miles so I think that has helped me alot. I like that I am going down again but I tell you the holidays need to hurry up and be over. I had to make about 10dz cookies and have eaten some. Am trying to do better will take more effort. Will right more after the holidays. I have a personel goal to get to 165 by my birthday in January. I will be happy if I can get under 170 by then though.


1/5/04 A new year and I am still here. Well I am still on the fence of 174-171 back and forth all the time. I am going back to the gym today and starting on a regiment so I can get back to losing. I am finding that I an eating cookies seems like everytime I turn around. I will be glad when they are all gone. I am trying to pick better choices but since the holidays it has not been easy. I am 8 months post op tomorrow and I am down 77 pounds. I know that is nothing to be upset about but it is when you want more. I have been looking to see do i want more then why not try harder I tell myself. I have done soem good things last year and this surgery is one I pray that 2004 will give me good things as well. Will update more around my Birthday on the 22nd.


1/11/04 WOW today I finally went to 169 on my home scale. It is a breakthrough for sure. I am so excited even though I know it will go up a pound or so over the next few days. My weight always seems to do that. I guess if I only weighed once a week I would not notice these fluctuations but I need to see them for my own sanity. I have been doing pretty good but could be making better food choices. Am continueing to work on that daily.


1/24/04 Happy Birhtday to me. It was my Birthday on the 22nd and boy did I over do it. I was happy that I had finally gotten below the 170 mark and it was my birthday to boot. Well at work they had brought me 3 different cakes which I had a piece of all not big pieces for sure. THen that night went out had a strawberry Daquari drink,Bread and Steak Tips which I had to bring home. I had some buzz already and by the time I got home I had to share in a berry cobbler that my husband had made for me. Needless to say I was so drunk on SUGAR that I was in bed early sleeping off all the sugar. Today is Saturday and I will have more birthday with my daughter. Will try to do better. I got on the scale and it said I was at 166 but I just don't believe it. THere are times I want to see it at the end of the day not the beginning. But I have finally started to break the plateau of not loosing for 2-3 months. When they say the first 6 months is the honeymoon they meen it thats for sure. well I am going right more at my 9 months time frame.


2/2/04 I am 47yrs old now and I had my Lap RNY 5/6/03 starting weight of 248, almost 9 months and I have not lost much in the past 2-3 months. I have made it to 170 give or take 5 lbs. I get to 166 then back up to 172 again. I have started to think that maybe this is where I am going to stay. My goal is to get to 135 and the Dr's goal for me is 152. I know that I am not making all the right food choices but can't seem to get back on the track. In the beginning I exercised like a crazy person now I seem to be in a depression and don't want to get out of the house much. At time if it were not fo obligations I have I would stay in the house all the time. I have always been a go and doer but this is not easy. Has any one else had this problem?? Stressing about not losing any more can not be helping.


2/6/04 Today it has been 9 months since my surgery. I was at 166 a loss of 82. It is great to lose some even though I know that 5# will bounce back and forth. I am at a weight that I have not been since middle school way back in 1970 so it is pretty exciting. I went to see my PCP about depression. I am now taking a little ssomething to see if it can help me. I never thought that I would need it but I guess with home stress now that I can not turn to all the foods I use to I have been getting depressed. Well I am sure it will help, Can't hurt really. Well will continue to post and let you all know how I am doing. I am happy that I have lost the weight and laughed at myself the other day when I realized I weighed less that 170#. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be here.


3/2/04 Well her I am at 10 months post op. Wow what a ride. I can not seem to get back on the road to exercise but I know as the weather gets better and the pool opens I will be swimming. I tell my self daily that I need to get back on the wagon but I think the wagon is broken. I have been seing a Dr to talk through some of my food issues related to other things and I am thinking that will help. If only the surgery would have helped the head hunger. Well I am weraing a 10-12 and am good with it. I think that I will get down a little more but at 80#'s I really am good. Will write monthly as this times goes on. Notice the small gain life is getting more hectic.


3/8/04 Well her I am now 10 months post op and I have gained some pounds. It is not allot but I am scared I am on the wrong path. I have decided to go back on a liquid diet for the next week to try and shrink my pouch back to a size. I have been noticing that I am snacking more and more and that will be a real challange to get back on track but I am starting all over and we will see how that goes. Will write back at the end of the week.


4/7/04 One Month from my start of this journey. At 11 months I have been doing pretty good. I go in and out of battles with depresseion. I am told that anytime you go through a life changing experience this can happen. I have started a thing called co-coaching and I now have a weekly goal and check in with another person who feels the need to have someone to be accountable to. It has been helpfull. I no longer drink fluids when I a eating which was my biggest challenge. I am still haveing some fun with food choices but getting better. A piece of advice I have is if you think you need help to deal with your food issues get it. We often think that we can do it on our own and we got to where we were by doing it on our own. I think it is good to ask for help. I was told that I am my own best friend and we use to like each other the most when we had food so I am having to deal with my best friend(me) in a whole new way. Keep up all your good works and I will be checking back in next month. I have posted a new and updated picture if any onw is interested.


4/19/04 Well things are going ok now. I had a rough few wks but I think I getting back up to speed. I took a hike over the weekend and I was able to hike up th emountain for 1.5 miles and still have the energy to pitch my tent and get more done. I am looking forward to a new walking partner I am to meet today.


5/6/2004 WOW here I am one year from my surgery and I was just reflecting back to some of the things that have changed for me. It is great to be able to do some of the smallest things like bend down to take care of cutting and painting my own toe-nails. I was able to hike up Enchanted rock where last year I had to sit and watch as others walk that mountain. I am off all medications for such things as Diabetes, High blood pressure, Hypertension and other co-morbities. I have lost around 65" and a total now of 116lbs. I enjoy going outside and doing things. I am glad I started this journey and upset that it took me 45 years to do it. Being a fat child I have never experienced a world that is so nice if you are not fat. For you who are still waiting do not give up the fight it is worth the fight. For all of you who have been with me and supported me through this last year I give a BIG "THANK YOU". God be with all of you and I will continue to write as I battle this last 20lbs that I need to go.


7/16/04 Well her I am 14months past surgery. Things have not been going to well with the weight loss. As you will see from my chart below I have had some gain in the past few months. I started on a anti-depressent several months back and noticed that I stop losing at that time. I have also noticed the hunger monster seems to be awake all the time. I had a follow up and have now gone on a treek to change the meds to see if the hunger guy will go back to sleep. I am drinking about a gallon of water a day and even that is not helping. I am also not able to have regular bowel movements so I am working on that with some fiber. Seems likt all this comes with this plateau so I can not tell what is really going on. I notice that I am not happy with this weight loss but I am not doing all I need should be to get it down. I am swimming but not enough to help with the weight loss. I am also able to eat all I want most of the time. I am eating smal portions but still making wrong choices as far as sweets go. For those of you who are still early in this journey stay focussed.


9/9/04 Here I am not much has changed. I am still staying at the same weight. I go up and sown about 5lbs. I want to lose somw more but I must say my will power is week. I am not sure what will happen from here but I will continue this journey and see that in a few months how things progress.


12/6/04 Happy Holidays I guess it is the season to say that. I am now 19 months out and have not lost any weight in many months. I am having trouble picking good food choices. The soft foods that are not good for you go down so much easier than the ones you should eat. For the first time I do see that this is a tool and it will not work if we put it on the shelf and not use it. I have gotten away from all the things I have learned about the surgery. I have had many stresses in my life and have done as always turned to food. I do not want to gain all my weight back yet I still continue down the path of distruction. I will see my Mental Dr again mught have to work on some other underlying issues. My advice to all is follow the rules because once you break them it is hard to go back to following them. My weight fluctuates between 175-180 and I need to get back into exercise but I just really don't want to I guess because I don't.


WOW I just noticed that I have weighed the same for a year now. I guess I have gotten real comfy with this weight. I have now started going to Curves for exercise 3 days a week and on the elipticle trainer the other 3 days a week. I am seeing that I can enjoys exercise. Will follow up in a month to give you status on how Curve's is going.


March 22,2005 I am playing Tennis with the same 5 pounds. I have stayed close to the same weight for a year now. There are days that I feel like a fat cow and days I feel like a skinny cow. I notice that as time goes by there are things that creep back into our lives about our old eating habbits. I have just noticed that I began to drink with my meals. In fact my husband comminted just last night what are you doing drinking with your meal? It is a real shocker that I didn't even pay attention to the change. I can tell that I am able to eat more and the biggest downfall is grazing on the little things like candy and junk. I have found that the easiest way for me not to over eat at meals is to eat on a small plate. I still do that and it helps with portion controll. Well I am going to be traveling for the Easter Holiday and I will try to snack on Jerky and good foods as we travel. I am a driver that seems to need to eat when I drive. Oh yes I have not been going to any support group and I notice that I really miss going. Life becomes so busy and I will be trying to get back to it but it is not easy when you have children that make such big demands on your time.


March 16,2006 So here it is another year later and still in the same weight place. I have joined weightwatchers this year. I have been counting points and trying to back to concious eating. It is still hard. I can't get in the mind to stop overeating. I was going to try OEA but just not ready I guess.


November 16,2006   I have not been back to this site in a very long time.  I did not even know things had changed. I have gone through so much.  I was having issues with my stomach so we went back in to do a revision in June of 06 and they made my pouch smaller and I had lost 12 of the pounds I had gained. So here I am now putting wait back on again.  I am binging so bad.  I have gone to see my psyciatrist about it but he has not been able to get the meds right for the binge.  We are still working on it.  Well I have joined a group to help me get back on track.  I am going to the gyme 3 days a week again and am bowling onw night a week.  I am so mad at myself for gaining back all this weight.  Well I will try( no I will get back into this I went through so I would not have to not be healthy.  Talk to you all soon.



July 9,2010. OMG here it is 2010 7 years out and I have gained much of my weight back.  Once you pass over to the Dark Side I call it and go back to the old habits the old weight follows right behind.  I have had many things over the years and each time I fall back to the old ways.  I have begun a new chapter in y life.  Through out the old book and working on a new chapter.  I have made an appointment to go see a Dr again and get a check up about this weight.  I have begun going to the basics protein shakes, cottage cheese and small(1-2oz chicken) on the diet.  Stop drinking sodas.  Day three and still going.  The shakes and the water seem to keep me going.  I have not had headaches over this either.  I think it is time to move up(or should I say down) I will check back in after he Dr vist on the 13th. I am looking forward to this new journey.





July 20,2010 Have been doing the high protein shakes with a few protein meals in to break up the shakes.  I have gone down 10lbs since I started according to my scale.  I realize that all scales are not the same but I will keep my long on this one.  I had to take a trip away from home for the past 6 days and was able to stay withing the limits I have set for myself.  I am going to do be healthy.  Life is to short.  I am wanting to eat every thing in site but I am writing here instead.  Life will continue.  I do hope that the stress in my life will keep me motivated to not go to eating the same old ways.  I was very proud of myself when I was gone.  Lots of temptations but there was will power too. 

August 3,2010. Yesterday was the hardest day since I have been back doing what I was supose to do.  It seems that no what I did I could not stop eating.  I know it was a mental thing just cant figure out what it was.  I think my mind was trying to get me off track.  My beleif is that as we are on this journey there is a part of us that dosen't want to shed all the reasons why we eat and when we try our inner most self does fight back.  I am going to win this fight.  Today is a new day and all things are possible.

August 10, 2010.  Today was visit with Dr and my first official weigh in.  It has been one month since I had seen the Dr and was down 8 lbs.  He was happy with the loss I wanted more.  He has suggested to use a different protein shake.  I will do that after finishing the shakes I use now.  My current shakes have 160 cal19 proteins.  He wants me to use new protein shakes 160 cal 35 proteins so that will be the new project.  Gotta love being back on track.

August 17,2010. This has been a tough week.  With my son going off to college and having to be all alone at times. The stress was high.  I was glad that I was able to make it through with not over eating.  I am working hard to not let the stress add up to more eating.  I see that even though my calories are low my proteins are not high enough.  I have ordered some VHT Protein drinks that the proteins are 35grams with 170 calories.  This should help.  I have not been able to find any others so I had to order. Reached my first goal 215 yippeeee.

August 30, 2010. It is a Monday and I must tell you it is the hardest to stay on track when I am home and alone.  I am still going down and every morning I am so wxcited that I have not blown up like a balloon.  I am not feeling hungry but get the need to scavange.  I will be working on that through this next few weeks.  I have begun a small amount of exercise.  Will adjust it to take on more as time goes by. Only need 3lbs to make my next goal of being in the the next bracket(single didgets).

June 5,2011.  It is Sunday and many days,months since I have been back here.  I have been depressed more than I should be. I want to get back on track but I cant seem to get the motivation to do it.  In all these years I have been up and down and always end back up where I am right now.  My next step is to go see a Dr for eating disorder.  I do find that I tend to sabotage my self.  Well I amgoing to sign off just checking in.




Wow it is now 4/15/16 and I am at 221.2. Looking at reasons for the gain it is all about the tool and drinking as  I eat. Trying to get back in the habbit not easy. Can believe its been 13 years. 

ok now it is 10/6/16 and i am at 225.5. seems like a battle. doing followups with Dr and working on getting back on track





12/12/02-282 pre op
05/06/03-248 surgery
02/06/04-166 post op

121201-282 Pre -OP
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081710 - 215.2
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