August 14, 2008

I went for my firdt fill since having my port replaced today.  Of course, they couldn't do it!  Too much scar tissue for them to find the port.  I have to go to the hospital on Sep. 2 and have it done under x-ray.  I'm going to suggest all my fills be done this way because I don't want to have to go through what I did today, again.  Talk about painful!  I only had my port replaced 3 weeks ago and all the digging and pushing they did HURT!  I'm all bruised!  I seriously can't wait to start losing again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 31, 2008

Well, it's been an interesting year.  As of January, I had lost 90 lbs.  I felt wonderful and looked pretty good, too!  Towards the end of January, I noticed I was eating more and made an appointment for a fill.  Bad news...My Band was empty...I had a leak!  By the time I got appointments for an Upper GI Series and endoscopy, it was now around April.  I was continuing to gain weight.  I was exercising every day and watching my diet.  Wii Fit came out and I was doing that for 90 minutes a day as well.  The scale just continued to climb.  So frustrating!!!  I saw my surgeon in May and scheduled surgery to have my port replaced in June.  On the day of my surgery, the hospital informed me that my insurance denied services.  After another month of arguing, I was finally approved. 

I had my surgery last week, July 23, 2008.  The surgeon saw immediately that there was a crack in the tubing close to the port, so he replaced both the tubing and port.  I have an appointment for a fill on August 14, 2008.  I have gained 40 lbs since January!!!!!  I know I shouldn't be, but I'm so embarrassed by it.  I know I need the Band to lose weight, which is why I got it in the first place!  But after so many years and losing the weight, you just become accustomed to it, not really thinking you still need it. 

I'm looking forward to losing again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been so long since I've updated!  Last I wrote, I had just given birth to my second set of twins.  I wasn't able to get adjusted afterwards because I was having problems with my liver levels.  Doctor after doctor couldn't tell me what was wrong with me.  Finally, after almost 2 years, I found out it was my gall bladder and had it removed in September.  I had an adjustment on November 10th, my first since 2003!  I lost 13 lbs. in just 5 days!  Since then, I've only lost 3 more lbs, but slower IS better!  I'm just glad that I'm losing what I had gained back after not being adjusted for so long!  I'm loving that "full" feeling again!  Hopefully, I'll be back soon with more good news!

March 20, 2007

Well, it's been about 4 months since my last post, and I'm down 38 lbs since my last fill (68 lbs total).  The loss has been kinda slow lately, but I'm still losing.  I'm trying to wait for another fill, only because some days I'm not too restricted and others I can eat only a bite or two.  But for now, I'm feeling great and am so happy to be losing!

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