My name is Gene.  I am 57 and live in Shawnee, Kansas with my wife Kathy, and sons Chris, Tim and Brian.  I have two daughters living in Colorado, Trisha and Amy.  Amy is a member of this forum (HockeyMom15) and had a very successful RNY on 9/11/2006.  I also have 7 wonderful grandkids, 4 boys and 3 girls.  I work at Harley-Davidson plant in Kansas City and ride a 2007 Electra Glide Classic.  

I started on my journey long ago at age 15 when a doctor put me on diet pills and told me to drink this horrible stuff called Metrecal.  I have been struggling with my weight ever since.  For a brief time I was at normal weight early in my Navy career but began to gain weight again.  I have been a mostly off and on member of Weight Watchers since about 1978.  I have tried just about every other diet known to man including the more popular ones right now.  I was on several medically supervised diets over the years including one that included Meridia.  That drug landed me in the emergency room 4 years ago.  Over the years my weight kept creeping up and up until a month ago I weighed 446 lbs.  I have several co-morbidities:  Diabetes, Venous Statis Disease in my lower legs, Diabetic Neuroapathy in my feet, Sleep Apnea, hypertension and high BP and cholesterol.  I have everything under good control but I have to take 12 medications and use a CPAP at night. 

I considered a LapBand back three years ago and was even approved twice my my insurance company.  Before I could get to the table, both surgeons abruptly quit the practice and walked out, leaving me holding the bag.  I then went to The Bariatric Center of Kansas City.  In retrospect, that is where I should have gone first.  Wonderful people!  I have a great team and a great surgeon, Dr. Hitchcock.  I have been approved for an RNY.  Why the change?  Two reasons:  My daughter's successful outcome and I want to get my weight down as close to a normal range as I can get.  My long term goals:  No particular weight but just be as healthy as a 57 year old can be.

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