3 month post-op measurements!

Jan 31, 2009

Weight: 204

Neck: 15 in (down almost 2 in)

Upper right arm: 14 in (down 3.5 in)
Right wrist: 6.75 in (down .25 in)

Upper left arm: 14 in (down 3.5 in)
Left wrist: 6.75 in (down .25 in)

Chest (across widest part): 44 in (down 6 in)

Waist: 42.5 in (down 6.5 in)
Belly: 46 in (down 6.5 in)
Hips: 45.5 in (down 4.5 in)

Right thigh: 24 in (down 5 in)
Right calf: 15.75 in (down 2.25 in)
Right ankle: 9.5 in (same)

Left thigh: 24 in (down 4 in)
Left calf: 15.75 in (down 1.25 in)
Left ankle: 9.5 in (same)

Total inches lost: 45.5!
Total lbs lost: 58!


Pre-Op Measurements, night before surgery!

Nov 03, 2008

I am scheduled to arrive at the hospital at 8AM tomorrow morning for my DS!

Today I met Genevieve, but not Dr. Gagner because he was in surgery all day. I also met another OH member who is having surgery the same day I am! We'll be doing the Mt. Sinai shuffle together. I also talked to my wonderful angel, Maria (aka Flor_Bellas) who will get updates from my mom, and will come visit me on Wednesday. Genevieve said I should be able to go home a week from Wednesday, which is much sooner than I expected, so I'm happy about that!

Now, without much further ado, here are my measurements:

Weight: 262 lbs

Neck: 16 7/8 in

Upper right arm: 17 1/2 in

Upper left arm: 17 1/2 in

Chest (across widest part): 52 in

Waist: 49 in

belly: 52 1/2 in

hips: 50 in

Right thigh: 29 in

Right calf: 18 in

Right ankle: 9 1/4 in

Right wrist: 7 in

Left thigh: 28 in

Left calf: 17 in

Left ankle: 9 1/2 in

Left wrist: 7 in

Wow. It's getting really close now. 12 days!

Oct 23, 2008

I really only have 2 main concerns: the physical pain from the surgery, and the emotional pain from being away from my family. I'm hoping the drugs will help with both!

Seriously, for as much as I am looking forward to my DS, I'm a bit nervous about the pain. I mean, stomach removed... OUCH! But I know it's the best decision, for my health and my peace of mind. I know I'll succeed beautifully with my switch. But if there were a way to do it that were pain-free, I'd take that!

Being away from my family will suck, I know that. I'm especially going to miss my youngest daughter, she is only 1 year old, and I haven't ever been away from her. But again, I know in the long run that this is best. She won't remember -- although I hope she does remember me when I come back from Florida!

My parents live in Florida, which is most of the reason I chose Dr. Gagner over Dr. Peters, or an out-of-country surgeon. I would prefer to recover after the hospital, in my parents house vs a hotel. I feel comfortable there, although it's not the house I grew up in -- or even in the same state I grew up in! 

So far, I have everything finished except the psych evaluation, and my therapist is writing it for me. She will have it finished and faxed by next week. I'm also waiting on the results of the blood and urine tests, but that was the last test to do. I'm done with: endoscopy for h. pylori, EKG, stress test, cardiac echo, cardiac clearance, chest xray, pulmonary function test, pulmonary clearance, and nutrition evaluation. I've met with a group of local women who have had WLS -- none have been switched though. 

I'm excited. I'm excited to start this new part of my life. I think it's going to be scary and amazing and thrilling and I'm really looking forward to it. And hopeful that I'll get good drugs too! 

I've got a date!

Sep 09, 2008

November 3. It seems like forever away, but it's less than two months now. I can't wait. Actually, I can wait, but I'm pretty excited. I'm starting all my pre-op tests this month. 

I've tentatively decided...

Jul 23, 2008

to go with Dr. Gagner, even though he's really not my "type." I'm really into personalized care and attention -- Dustin, my dh, says it's because I'm an only child -- and in particular customer service. If I'm paying part of someone's salary, I expect to be treated well. And Dr. Gagner hasn't replied to any of my questions via email, which really kind of bugs. He just directed me to talk to his office manager.

Dr. Peters, on the other hand, seems like personal attention is his main focus as a surgeon. He doesn't work in a group practice. His wife is his nurse/office manager. Someone emailed me that choosing him as a DS surgeon is like entering into a marriage. He spent over 2 HOURS with me on a video chat last week, talking all about the DS, answering all my questions. Even answering Dustin's questions. I really liked him. But... in my heart I have some reservations about him. I can't explain it. I really would prefer a lap. surgery, and that's one thing. I've also gotten some info via email from others -- it's secondhand or thirdhand info, but still.

Of course there's always the fact that my parents live in south Florida, and so instead of recovering post-hospital in a hotel with food and supplements from Target, I will recover in my parents' comfortable home (not the home I grew up in, but it's a wonderful home) with whatever I need. My mom will come to NC and stay with the kids while I'm gone, and Dustin will come to Florida with me, and of course my dad will be there after Dustin leaves (Dustin can only take a week off work). My mom promises that my dad will be nurturing.

That (recovering at my parents house, surrounded by people I know) and the fact that Dr. Gagner is a world-reknowned DS surgeon, has basically made the choice for me. And I'm just going to keep contacting him every few days until I get answers, dammit!

Now as for why I want the DS: I like my pylorus. Seriously. I went to a WLS seminar here in NC and the docs talked about the band, the RNY, and the DS. And I thought, "The DS sounds like the only good one."

Seriously, the band seems like just a joke -- a foreign object in my body that's supposed to TRICK my brain into thinking I'm full? riiiiiiight -- and the RNY sounds so depressing. Life with a 1oz pouch sounds awful. "Dumping" sounds like misery. And apparently foods can get stuck -- who wants to live like that? (In fairness, I'm sure not everyone has problems with their RNY; I'm just looking at the negatives. There are also many positives to RNY. My sister had one last November and she has lost over 80lbs and feels wonderful!)

So I decided to research the DS -- which the docs had basically glossed over before telling all of us that we'd end up with the RNY. The DS is it. I keep my original stomach (although smaller), and my beloved pylorus, and I bypass most of my small bowel. Okay, well that part sounds a little extreme, but I can live with taking pills for the rest of my life. I don't mind pills. I feel like, eventually, if I don't do something about my morbid obesity, I'll be taking pills one way or another. RNY patients take pills too! But, no dumping with the DS. And yes, bathroom issues -- which I have now. I have diahrrea on a daily basis. I have smelly farts. Perhaps this will inspire me to be better about taking probiotics daily.

When I thought about life with the DS, I didn't feel depressed like I feel when I think about life with a RNY. (Seriously, the idea of a pouch and no pylorus is REALLY upsetting to me! If it were between the RNY and nothing, I'd choose nothing.) I feel eager to learn about it, and how I'm going to live with it.

I am tentatively scheduled for Monday December 8. I'm looking forward to it like a soldier looks forward to going into battle!

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