Here I am again!

Jun 26, 2010

My biggest challenge has been regain.  After RNY surgery, I have been pregnant........with twins..........twice.  In the first pregnancy, I was terrified of not getting enough nutrition in for my babies and struggled to eat round the clock.  I was very healthy and gained 40 lbs (gee how the mind "forgets", see post below), which I thought was good for twins.  Unfortunately, that started a grazing pattern that has continued.  Having to be up around the clock, I ate around the clock.  Get up, feed first twin, eat a granola bar.  Get 2nd twin bottle, eat a granola bar.  Repeat every 3 hours.  Nine months after the first twins were born, I became pregnant with twins again.  I had not lost a pound since the oldest twins were born.  And I gained an additional 40 lbs with the next pregnancy.  Now I am struggling with 80 lbs to lose again.  I have not been on basics for awhile though.  So as I start  back, I do feel my body and pouch responding which gives me hope.  It is silly, but I threw up the other day after eating and was actually excited.  I had not done that in years. 

So here we go again. 

Real protein first (not SouthBeach granola bars, not cheese, not Kashi cereal, I gained on these foods).  Just meat. 

NO DIET COKE.  Seriously they are addicting and I believe cause cravings.  (or maybe it was just me)

Water, water, water, water.

Exercise (I've been okay about this one, just need more time)

Today I weigh 255.  I hope to change that.


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