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"I saw Dr. Salameh for my first consultation on 12/2/2013. He was friendly, kind, and easy to talk to, all qualities I appreciate in a health care professional. He was also knowledgeable and experienced. From there I had a whirlwind of appointments with his nutritionist, and two endoscopies performed by Dr. Salameh himself. For all of these, I was impressed with his staff as well as everyone else I encountered in Virginia Hospital Center. The surgery itself, VSG, was easy for me - I was asleep the entire time. My recovery in the hospital was fine, everyone was great, friendly, helpful, and knowledgable. My recovery at home has been extremely easy. I've only had my first follow up so far, but it went well and my opinions of Dr. Salameh remain the same - I don't feel that I'm no longer important now that I've had my surgery, he answered my questions and spent plenty of time making sure everything was going well. So far, I have been super pleased with the entire experience. But I'm also only 2.5 weeks post-op. I will try to update this at a later date. Update: Three years later I am still super pleased. "
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