Phase 1

Mar 06, 2013

Phase 1:

Finally decided that I need help and have chosen RNY at CMC Obesity Treatment Center in Manchester, NH. I have submitted all paperwork and PCP referral. I attended this Step 1 Info Session on 3/4/13 @ CMC. I am going to attend all support groups, they are once a month, next one being on 3/11. 

I have no major complications (no diabetes, gout, etc) but very bad low back pain, depression and panic attacks. I'm hoping that once I have surgery, those will all fade away.

I recently googled "RNY complications" and now I am scared and not so excited. I had no idea how many things can go wrong Post-Op and that is very scary for me. I'm going to ask doc how common complications are and hopefully they will set my mind to ease.



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