I feel like I am starting over

Oct 25, 2010

I had a baby 19 months ago and I feel like its time for me to pull my head out of my ass. I am back up to 354 I never wanted to be that big again but I am so here we go again. I started today by watching what i am eating more and hoping to start working out again.

just a little update

Mar 31, 2008

I havnt post in a while so where do I  start lol

My weight loss has slowed down alot but I am still losing. At this point I dont know if I will get to my dr goal of 190 but I didnt think I would make it to that goal the first year so all I can do it keep working at losing. And I hope one day I will get to my goal of 150 but I would be happy just getting to my dr goal. 

Right now I am just waiting for the nice weather to hit so I can start riding my bike and walking and playing tennis I really just cant wait. I have done some walking when we get some warmer days but then the next day its cold again so. This Indiana weather just sucks right now. So I am hoping as soon as this weather gets good where I can get out every day to ride or walk that the weight will come off a little faster. Dawn and Donna plan to walk with me when the weather gets good so I do have a walking group.


Dec 30, 2007

This month I had a hard time with water weight so i have been going up and down all month but now I am starting to loss again. I am a very slow loser I wish I was lossing a little faster but the weight is still coming off.

I hope everyone has a GREAT NEW YEARS!!!

last update was on 5/1/08

Nov 06, 2007

as of today its been a year since I started my diet to have my surgery. so of today I have lost 149lbs since then and I am down 200lbs from my highest weight.

I made my first goal to  300lbs on 11/6/07 on that date I was 296lbs.
I made my 2nd goal to 255 lbs on 05/01/08 on that date I was 255lbs.

well I didnt make my goal of 255 by the 30th of april but I did get close I was 256.4 so I was 1.4 lbs away from my goal.

my new goal is 230lbs and I am hoping to be at that by 7/31/08. 
weight loss from my highest weight to my next small goal of 255


just a little update

Sep 17, 2007

so far so good everything is going great since surgery. 
at 1 month out  I am down 22.7 lbs  (332.3)
at 2 months out I  am down 16.9lbs (315.4)
at 3 months out I  am down 10.2 lbs (305.2)
at 4 months out I am down  10.2 lbs (295.0)
at 5 months out I  am down 4 lbs   (291.0) bad month alot water weight
at 6 months out I  am down 9 lbs   (282.0)
at 7 months out I  am down 15 lbs (267) had a cold this month
at 8 months out I  am down 1.4 lbs  (265.6) dont know whats going on
at 9 months out I  am down 8.8 lbs  (256.8)
at 10 months out   I  am down 4.4lbs (252.4)
at 11 months out   I  am up 1.4 lbs (253.8)
at 12 months out   I  am down 6.2lbs (247.6) time really flies
at 13 months out   I  am down 2.6lbs (245)
at 14 months out I am down:  Preg so not checking weight right now since I am gaining now LOL

total down 110  lbs as of 8/23/08 (245)

month 8:  I was up and down weight all month long I got as low as 261.6 but then af came and I went back up to 265.6. I hope next month is better.

Month 11:  found out I was preg but then turned around and lost it a week later so I am thinking that is why I didnt loss anything.

Month 12 : Preg again things are going good this time dr has me on progesterone suppositories to help me stay preg. they are running blood work to make sure my #s are going up they was 81hcg and prog was 26 on friday 7/18 and then 377 on 7/21  my #s was 4427 on 7/28so they are going up.Had a US seen sac and yolk go back 8/13 to see if we have  a HB. Had my 2nd Us on 8/13 seen baby with a heart beat of 167

Month 13: I havnt lost much weight this month but since I am preg I dont think I will be lossing much more weight until I have the baby.
09/3/08 11weeks 1 day preg heart beat was 156. I have gain 1 lb since my year check up back in july so I am happy with that. Dr told me since I am having a c-section he will take the baby about 2 weeks early.
I go back oct 1 for my next appt I will be 15 weeks then.

15 weeks 1 day preg heart beat was 151. I gained 2 lbs this month so far that is 3 lbs.

19 weeks 1 day preg heart beat was 148. I gained 8lbs this month so far that is 11lbs. I am not really happy with 8 lbs but I know the baby needs me to gain some.by there scales I was 267.My next appt will be 11/26.

 23 weeks 1 day preg heart beat was 145. I gained 6lbs this month so far that is 17lbs. by there scales I was 273. We had a Us today and  ITS A BOY. He is butt first just like Austin was. My next appt is 12/22 I will have another US then too.

26weeks 6 days heart beat was 165 Parker is about 2lbs 5ozs as of right now. I gained 6 more lbs I was 281 so far I have gained 25lbs. My next appt is 01/14/2009 at 8AM

30weeks 1 days heart rate was in the 160's. The nurse at the dr office wrote me weight down wrong she put that I was at 284 and the right weight was 274 so I lost 7 lbs so if you go by that I have only gained 18lbs then if you go by her weight I have gained 28lbs. but i dont see how she got 284 when you add 250 +24 = 274. anyways I go back down in 2 weeks 1/28/09 at 9:30 Am.

32weeks 1 day everything looks good. My weight was 282 so far I have gained 26lbs. I go back in 2 weeks and if all goes a planned I will getting a US done at 36 weeks to check size of Parker and then get a date for him to be born. update again after next appt 2/11/09 at 9:30AM

34weeks 1 day baby looks good had a US today. I start going to the dr every week now and will have a US every week since having some problems.My weight was 288 so far I have gained 32lbs I am hoping not to hit 300 again so that is my goal for now. But I want Parker to be as big as he needs to be. will update again next week.

well Parker William was born on 3/9/09 he was 6lbs 13ozs and 20.5ins. at his 2 week check up he was 8lbs 4 ozs.



Jul 25, 2007

well I had my surgery on monday and I came home on tues night. I am doing great.

having a hard time getting my water in but I am working on it.

will update again soon. I just hope the weight starts coming off soon.

I got a time for surgery

Jul 19, 2007

it will be at 12:30pm on monday july 23 2007. I have to be there at 10:30am

I have a date

Jun 21, 2007

I got my date today its JULY 23rd 2007

may 30 2007

May 30, 2007

well I still dont have a date set. but I started my liquid diet today. I will be doing this for 5 weeks. I just hope I can do it without getting sick on the shakes.

it is looking like surgery will be the 9th or 10th of july but dont have a set date.

I will be starting group tomorrow and learning all the I need to know for after surgery.


may 17 2007

May 17, 2007

well I got my paper work turned in on may 9th 2007 to the surgeons office. they faxed my paper work to the ins company on may 11th. Beth lady from ins company called me on monday may 14 to let me know she got my paper work and she was going to get it turn in. well I called the ins company today to ask them about a bill and I asked the lady about if there was any news about my surgery and she went and talked to beth she came back to tell me I was APPROVED. in just 4 days .

I am so happy to get this news.

now I just have to wait until I hear from dr sloan's office so I can start the classes i need before surgery and get a surgery date.

update again then I get more news.

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