just a little update

Sep 17, 2007

so far so good everything is going great since surgery. 
at 1 month out  I am down 22.7 lbs  (332.3)
at 2 months out I  am down 16.9lbs (315.4)
at 3 months out I  am down 10.2 lbs (305.2)
at 4 months out I am down  10.2 lbs (295.0)
at 5 months out I  am down 4 lbs   (291.0) bad month alot water weight
at 6 months out I  am down 9 lbs   (282.0)
at 7 months out I  am down 15 lbs (267) had a cold this month
at 8 months out I  am down 1.4 lbs  (265.6) dont know whats going on
at 9 months out I  am down 8.8 lbs  (256.8)
at 10 months out   I  am down 4.4lbs (252.4)
at 11 months out   I  am up 1.4 lbs (253.8)
at 12 months out   I  am down 6.2lbs (247.6) time really flies
at 13 months out   I  am down 2.6lbs (245)
at 14 months out I am down:  Preg so not checking weight right now since I am gaining now LOL

total down 110  lbs as of 8/23/08 (245)

month 8:  I was up and down weight all month long I got as low as 261.6 but then af came and I went back up to 265.6. I hope next month is better.

Month 11:  found out I was preg but then turned around and lost it a week later so I am thinking that is why I didnt loss anything.

Month 12 : Preg again things are going good this time dr has me on progesterone suppositories to help me stay preg. they are running blood work to make sure my #s are going up they was 81hcg and prog was 26 on friday 7/18 and then 377 on 7/21  my #s was 4427 on 7/28so they are going up.Had a US seen sac and yolk go back 8/13 to see if we have  a HB. Had my 2nd Us on 8/13 seen baby with a heart beat of 167

Month 13: I havnt lost much weight this month but since I am preg I dont think I will be lossing much more weight until I have the baby.
09/3/08 11weeks 1 day preg heart beat was 156. I have gain 1 lb since my year check up back in july so I am happy with that. Dr told me since I am having a c-section he will take the baby about 2 weeks early.
I go back oct 1 for my next appt I will be 15 weeks then.

15 weeks 1 day preg heart beat was 151. I gained 2 lbs this month so far that is 3 lbs.

19 weeks 1 day preg heart beat was 148. I gained 8lbs this month so far that is 11lbs. I am not really happy with 8 lbs but I know the baby needs me to gain some.by there scales I was 267.My next appt will be 11/26.

 23 weeks 1 day preg heart beat was 145. I gained 6lbs this month so far that is 17lbs. by there scales I was 273. We had a Us today and  ITS A BOY. He is butt first just like Austin was. My next appt is 12/22 I will have another US then too.

26weeks 6 days heart beat was 165 Parker is about 2lbs 5ozs as of right now. I gained 6 more lbs I was 281 so far I have gained 25lbs. My next appt is 01/14/2009 at 8AM

30weeks 1 days heart rate was in the 160's. The nurse at the dr office wrote me weight down wrong she put that I was at 284 and the right weight was 274 so I lost 7 lbs so if you go by that I have only gained 18lbs then if you go by her weight I have gained 28lbs. but i dont see how she got 284 when you add 250 +24 = 274. anyways I go back down in 2 weeks 1/28/09 at 9:30 Am.

32weeks 1 day everything looks good. My weight was 282 so far I have gained 26lbs. I go back in 2 weeks and if all goes a planned I will getting a US done at 36 weeks to check size of Parker and then get a date for him to be born. update again after next appt 2/11/09 at 9:30AM

34weeks 1 day baby looks good had a US today. I start going to the dr every week now and will have a US every week since having some problems.My weight was 288 so far I have gained 32lbs I am hoping not to hit 300 again so that is my goal for now. But I want Parker to be as big as he needs to be. will update again next week.

well Parker William was born on 3/9/09 he was 6lbs 13ozs and 20.5ins. at his 2 week check up he was 8lbs 4 ozs.


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