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Aug 19, 2009

I haven't posted here in a while. Just thought I would add a recent post. I am doing pretty good. We have been camping and vacationing alot this past month and a half (since I don't have a job anymore). So I haven't been able to make it to the gym. I'm feeling like crap. It's really hard to get back into the habit once you break the habit but, I'm gonna go get back into it later today. I'm gonna start off just cardio and maybe some light weights.
Anyway, I went in to get my bridesmaid dress altered. It was a sz 14 (I ordered it back in March) and she said I needed it altered 2 sizes! Wow! So we just ordered a new dress. She said it would be cheaper to alter the smaller dress. The wedding is on Sept 19th and my dress comes in on the 15th. She said I would still have time to alter it. So I really hope this works out.
I'm suppose to go to the doc for my year check up but, I'm scared. What if I have gained weight since my last weigh in? Idk, It's ok if I'm the same I just don't want to weigh more. I have only weighed myself at he doc's office so I can't even check to see what another scale says.
I really do need a scale and to start keepin track of my weight. So I can counter act any pounds I put on.
Anyway Hubby is still pretty insecure. He's always sayin "You wanna be single anyway". No thats not true at all. I love my husband and I don't want to be single. He's just so insecure and doesn't want me to hang out with my friends.
I do have more friends now since I've lost weight. Before when I was bigger I didn't have really any good freinds but, now that I'm more out going I have made more friends. He's having a hard time dealing with that. But, he . He would has always been very outgoing and had alot of friends would just rather sit at home with me all the time. Which isn't a bad thing but, I would rather be out doing something all the time. So we just are alittle different.
Anyway this is long enough I guess. I could say alot more but, That's probably enough of my business..lol


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