Ending week 3/Beginning week 4

Apr 27, 2015

Hello all!!!

I am so excited because.... Its almost one month since I decided to commit to my weight loss journey! Although I have stumbled along the way, I did not give up! And I am so excited!!! I weighed in at 261 on Friday at the doctor's office.  I go back again today and then I will record my weight.  I keep thinking... "If I never would have messed up that one weekend, I would be almost 15 lbs lighter"... BUT... I can't keep thinking in the past.  Grant me the serenity to ACCEPT the things i cannot change.  Now I have the COURAGE and I am changing the things I can change.  I am still asking God for the WISDOM to know the difference.  I feel greater than I have in a long time! I know that I will make the cut this time!

This morning I put on a pair of pants that have been fitting me pretty snug.  When my sister gave them to me, they were loose fitting but since I gained weight they fit me a little too tight.  Well this morning I had room in them! AND they no longer give me this huge mufifn top!!! NSV!!! So if i don't loose the numbers on the scale today, I know that I am loosing inches.  Yayayayayayay!!!!!

Thanks for your online support.  It is much needed and appreciated.  




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