Me...I can't believe it...

Sep 25, 2008

This will be my last post in Obestity Help.  If anyone should read this, thank you for your encouraging words during my weight loss process.  I highly recommend this sight to all new WLS patients and also to those considering it.  I know it was such an inspiration to me.  I would also like to say thank you to everyone who works for OH especially Jeremy the exercise physiologist.  You were so helpful in this entire process.

Well, how am I doing????  I said in my last post that I wold be in the 150's when I posted here again.  I now weight 156 lbs.  My goal has changed to weighing 150 lbs.  That is one thing I have learned in this process is that when you are obese, you truly do not know what "YOUR" body wants to way for you to look good.  My goal initially was to weigh 140 lbs.  I now know that that size would be to small for me.  Anyway....I am so thankful to have enjoyed this experience.  I would recommend the sleeve surgery to anyone!!!!!

Take care and God bless!!!!

I did it!!!

Aug 21, 2008

Wow, the last 1 1/2 months have been a struggle.  I am not talking about my weight but I lost my dad 3 weeks ago.  I was able to take time off of work to go take care of him until he passed.  I am so grateful that I was able to do that.  It will be a memory I always have.  My dad and I were VERY close so this has been incredibly hard on me. 

Now, to the good news, I said the next time I posted on here, I would be in the 150's.  Guess what, I made it.  I currently weight 158 lbs.  People keep telling me to quit losing weight and the way I see it is that I am at only 8 - 13 lbs from goal.  This new life is wonderful.  I am so thankful I have a plan that we now meet with our dietitian for 2 years post surgery.  She has been a God send with giving me great options for food choices.

If anyone reads this, keep following the doctors orders.  You too will succeed.

God bless you.

8 months post op

Jun 16, 2008

Can I just say.... I LOVE MY VSG!!  I never thought I would be able to say, I need to lose 10-15 lbs and then I will be where I want to be.  10 - 15 lbs was what would come off at my heaviest and then I could not lose  OMG....only 10 -15 more lbs until I am at goal weight.  That means I am looking skinny!!!  I am currently in size 10/12 pants and a medium shirt.  I honestly cannot remember the last time I was in that size.  I do know it was at least in grade school.  Yes, I said grade school, not high school.  I am now down 79 lbs.  I am having to make sure I do not eat everything because now that I am this far out, I am eating more.  It definitely still is not even close to what I ate pre surgery.    This weight loss has been the 3rd best high light of my life.  My first was getting saved and becoming a Christian and my 2nd was marrying the love of my life, Kurt.  You can see him in my pics!!  

One of the things the Bible says is that we are to honor God with out body.  I can honestly say that I do that now regarding eating.  I want to thank you Lord for over seeing this surgery and post op plan!!

Thanks for reading this post.  By next month, I know I will be down 80+ lbs....woo hoo.

Rough Month

May 17, 2008

It has been a rough month since my last post on here.  I had a totoal thyroidectomy on April 30, 08.  Since that time, I have put on 5 lbs.  I had gotten down to 165 lbs but now I weigh 170 lbs which is what I was at in my last post.  I went from having hyperthyroidism to having hypothyroidism.  They just started me on the pill 3 days ago but it takes 4-6 weeks to regulate everything.  I am going to have to really watch what I eat even more.  I am craving foods that I have not desired since my surgery.  I have to remember...this to shall pass and I will be on my merry way of reach my goal weight.  

Heck, when I compare myself to where I was 8 months ago..... I LOOK FANTASTIC.  Please know I do not mean that in an arrogant fashion.  My hubby has been telling me that even at my largest weight.  I am now getting small enough that I believe him. (smiles)

Well until my next post, I pray that eveyone is doing well and Keep up the fight of faith!

Weigh less than high school

Apr 09, 2008

This is so exciting.  I now weigh 170 lbs.  This is 3 lbs less than I weighed in high school.  I had a couple of slower weight loss months which is absolutely fine as long as the weight continues to come off until I am at goal.  That is 20 - 30 lbs away.  I can do it!!!

NSV after NSV and a hip, hip hurray

Mar 20, 2008

I just returned from a trip to sunny Florida.  My goal was to be in the 170's by the time I left for there.  I made it the morning that I left.    I was sooooo happy.  I am currently at 177 lbs which equals a 63 lb weight loss.  I cannot believe I weigh this little.  It has been since high school.  I had a few NSV's on my trip to FL.  One of which gives me great pleasure.  You know when you are walking along and you have to reach between your legs to pull your shorts down.  I no longer have do to this!!  They no longer ride up.  Another NSV, is that I had enough room in my airplane seat to turn on my side and cuddle up to my hubby.  I still had plenty of seatbelt room left.  While I was in Florida, my dad kept repeating how skinny I was.  That made me feel really good.  My husband also took a shot of my backside and I have to admit, I no longer look like an obese cow.

I have 30-40 more lbs to lose.  The end is in sight.

I want to tell the Lord...THANK YOU for blessing me with this surgery and the new eating habits.

5 months out

Mar 09, 2008

The past month 1 1/2 months have been harder for me.  My weight loss has slowed down significantly.  It seems I am on a continual stall which is frustrating.  Now, on the up side, I am down 57 lbs and several inches.  I am in better shape now than the last 20 years of my life.  I am able to walk for 5+ miles and it now bother me.  I am still in the gym 4 nights a week.  I have started using free weights for strengthening which I am sure has also lead to my slow down in weight loss.

I am having our first gastric sleeve meeting at my house this Thursday.  We are meeting to encourage each other and gain ideas from each other.  I am really looking forward to it!

3 1/2 months p.o.

Jan 25, 2008

This 3 1/2 months have gone by so fast and my life has changed so much already.  I have now lost 53 lbs and several inches.  I am wearing size 14/16 pants and a large shirt.  (I even bought a couple medium work out shirts because there was a huge sale on them and I know I will get there soon)  Before this surgery, I would have never done that.  

I have lost about 1/3 of my hair.  Everytime I run my fingers through it, more of it comes out with it.  I just had my hair cut 2 evenings ago and it is the first time I can remember that I did not ask the stylist to thin  I will be glad when this part is finished but I understand why it is happening so it is ok.

I am still exercising 4 times a week for about 60 - 90 minutes.

On a personal, I celebrated my 3 year anniversary with my AWESOME HUSBAND this week.  Tonight, we are going to go celebrate it by attending a play and the going out to eat.  Thank you God for giving me such a fantastic mate.  

My next goal is to get down to 173 lbs.  That is the lowest weight I remember in high school.  I am currently 14 lbs from reaching it. 


Dec 30, 2007

   Woo Hoo.....I am now in Onederland even with 3 layers of clothes on.  I cannot believe this.  I have not weighed this little since high school.  (I will probably be saying that alot)  Today, while my husband and I were at the store, we jogged from one store to another.  It was only about a 40 second jog but hey, we still jogged.  I would have never done that before.  I am really thinking in time, I would like to run  5K.  I am not thinking of running in a race but just that I run 5K.  Oh my gosh, guess what else.  My husband picked me up for the first time.  I was so scared he was going to drop me because I have NEVER been picked up before.  I am looking forward to a lot more of being lifted up as I continue to get smaller.  

Want to hear something I never thought I would say.  It has been a little hard getting rid of my favorite clothes.  The good news is that I am buying new and new/used ones that look really good on me.  I am now in large clothes...woo hoo.

I am so thankful that I had the VSG!!  If you are reading this and live in WA, please consider my surgeon Jeff Landers in Edmonds.  He was the first in the state of WA to perform the VSG!!

Last, I want to tell God, THANK YOU for being my provider.  You are a GREAT GOD!!!

Update on Progress

Dec 16, 2007

Dec. 15, 07

I am almost down to Onederland.  I am one pound from it.  I have not been this light since college.  I am amazed by the energy I now have.  I am now working out 4 days a week.  My hubby is retired military so I have a trainer on the base who is working with me.  He is working my tail off but that is good.  I am not sure how long he will continue to work with me because it is free.  I do know he wants to assess my max heart rate on the Ellyptical machine since I have one at home.  Right now, I am using the Ellyptical at home and doing weights at the gym.

I was invited last week for the first time to present "my story" at the weight loss seminar at Puget Sound Surgical Center.  I believe it went pretty well.  I am sooooooo glad I chose to have the gastric sleeve.  Jeff Landers, MD...if you ever read this...thanks for doing a fabulous job!!!

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