Obesity Charity Walk

Aug 13, 2007


The Obesity Charity Walk is coming to 38 Cities! Get involved. I'll be walking here in Arizona in October. Raise money! Raise Awareness!

Inspired by Auto-Bio of a Bander

Jul 04, 2007

I am mid way through the book, "Fighting Weight: How I acheived Healthy Weight Loss with Banding". The book is by Khaliah Ali, plus-size fashion designer and daughter of Muhammed Ali. The book is awesome. Khaliah went from 325 pounds to 150 pounds after the Lap Band. As I read about her life-long struggle with obesity, I feel like I'm reading my own story. I especially relate to her childhood struggle with weight and pressure to lose weight from adults. I'm at the part where she decides to be "banded". The whole book is really really inspirational. 

Those of you who know my story, I have shared my unusual life story in the press to help others impacted by homicide. I know how hard it is to share your personal story--even to help others. Kudos to Khaliah!!

p.s.Those intersted in my story, there is a video link of a tv interview at the bottom of my page.

37 Pounds Down in 3 Months : ) Slow but Steady!

Jun 27, 2007

Well, I just had my second band fill. My first and seconds months were really easy but the third month was rough. I lost my motivation but I'm back on track now. I've been exercising everyday and I have a ton of energy. I hope to reach the 50 pound mark by August with the magic three below:  

1. Water
2. Exercise
3. Protein

Back to Basics is the Key!

WLS Motivational Songs

Apr 29, 2007

I  love the question asked on the 30's OH Board, "What songs motivate your WLS Journey?". . What songs motivate YOU?

1. "Beautiful Day"- U2
2."Under Pressure"-Queen and David Bowie
3. "I'm Coming Out"- Diana Ross
4. "Thank You" -Alanis Morissette
5. "Waiting for the World to Change"- John Mayer
6. "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield
7. "Break Away"-Kelly Clarkson
8. "What Are You Waiting For"- Gwen Stefani
9. "Beautiful"- Christina Aguilera
10. "Irreplacible"- Beyonce


5K End Domestic Violence Walk

Apr 28, 2007

 I just did the 5K Walk to End Domestic Violence with friends in Phoenix. There were like a thousand or so people like a family of like 16 walking in honor of a beautiful young female family member who had been killed by a boyfriend. The event should have been really sad but it really wasn't.

There were cops and teachers and soccer Moms... People brought their kids in strollers and dogs on leashes. It was like everyone there just wanted to help out. They wanted to make women and children in their neighborhood safe in their own homes. It was a really positive and hopeful experience. It was awesome to feel good while walking.

Fat is a Temporary State

Apr 27, 2007

Fat might be part of what I am but it will never be WHO I AM! 

I am a Counselor
I am a Teacher
I am an Adovacate
I am a Best Friend
I am a Daughter
I am a Traveler
I am a Writer
I am a Reader
I am a Singer
I am a Learner
I am a Dreamer

My WLS Tatoo

Apr 25, 2007

Okay, I have decided that I will be getting a WLS related tattoo to celebrate my new healthy life. The link below shows the tattoo. 
It's a cat chasing a butterfly. The cat is cute and a little chubby. I relate to cat's and in Africa cats represent intuition which is a big part of my personality. The cat is chasing a butterfly who represents transformation! I will be getting part of the tattoo at 50lbs and part at 100 lbs.- Jenn C in AZ

 The link below will show you the tattoo. It's a cat chasing a butterfly. More on my blog....


First Band Fill

Apr 24, 2007

My first fill is scheduled for tomorrow. I'm super nervous. I don't know why. Everyone says that it does not hurt. I think I'm worried that I will be back to how I felt right after the surgery when it was difficult to sip. 

Getting the Lap Band has possibly saved my life but change is hard. I think I will be taking it one day at a time. Most of the days since the surgery have been wonderful but first times were a bit hard like going out to eat the first time or a holiday meal. This will be another first and I'll get through it.

WLS is Not the "Easy Way Out!"

Apr 17, 2007

There are many environmental, genetic, pyschological, biological, socioeconomic and cultural reasons for our obesity. Having our tummys banded or cut up is not an "easy way out". It is a last resort!

Some people have genes that leave them predisposed to obesity. This is true especiall in the U.S. and Canada where pioneers and native peoples had to survive harse winters and difficult farming conditions. It was the survival of the "fattest" for much of our history.

Since 1950, food has become more and more processed. Food is now abundant. Fatty foods are sold on every corner fast food place. You can drive through for a burger but not a bannana. Pizza is served to our kids in the school cafeteria instead of a P,B&J sandwich. It is cheaper to buy fast food for two than cook a healthy meal for two. It is cheaper to go to the market and buy Mac and Cheese than Fish and Brocholi.

It is no longer safe for children to walk to school 2.5 miles each way as they did in the past. The dry cleaners, coffee places, drug stores and so forth all provide dry thurs... Instead of walking to the bank and waiting in line, we do banking from our computer. We Christmas shop online instead of walking around mainstreet... Early obesity left us with more fat cells than adults who were thin as kids. Yo-yo dieting screwed up our metabolisms.

Because of these conveniences in our world, we are expected to work longer hours and multi-task every second and there is no such thing as a lunch break. We eat a hamburger at our desk while still typing. Obesity is a 21st Century crisis. The next generation will not live longer than there parent's generation. This has not occurred in the last 500 years in US history.

Tell Non-WLS peeps with nasty comments to take these comments and shove them in their super sized french fry container and quit judging others!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WLS Book Resource List

Apr 15, 2007

(I promised by support group that I'd post some titles. Please, look over--comment and add to this list)

"Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastic Banding"  by Jessie H. Ahroni
(I own)

"Doctor's Guide to Weight Loss Surgery" by Lous Flancbaum, M.D.
(I checked out of the library)

"Body Contouring Surgery after Weight Loss" by Jeffrey Sebastian, M.D.
I checked out of the library)

"Lap-Band For Life" by  Dr. Ariel Ortiz Lagardere
(I've ordered)

"Weight Loss Surgery For Dummies" by Marina S. Kurian
(I own)

These are titles that I want to borrow or I'll order from amazon:

"Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery: Over 140 Delicious Low-Fat High-Protein Recipes" by Patt Levine

"Final Success Workbook (The Success Habits of Weight-loss Surgery Patients)" by Colleen M. Cook

"It Ain't Over 'til the Thin Lady Sings: How to Make Your Weight-Loss Surgery a Lasting Success" by Michelle Ritchie  

Recipes for Life After Weight-Loss Surgery: Delicious Dishes for Nourishing the New You by Margaret Furtado

Success Habits of Weight-Loss Surgery Patients by Colleen M. Cook

Weight Loss Surgery: Finding the Thin Person Hiding Inside You, Third Edition by Barbara Thompson 

Exodus from Obesity: The Guide to Long-Term Success After Weight Loss Surgery by Paula F. Peck
"Before & After, Revised Edition: Living and Eating Well After Weight-Loss Surgery" by Susan Maria Leach

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