Methodist Hospital Arcadia

"I loved this hospital. Everyone was very nice. They kept the bariatric patients together on one wing. My roomate and I were able to share experiences and tips on how to succeed as weight loss post-op. My doctors perform exclusively through this hospital and are wonderful. They brought us flowers after the surgery. (HOW SWEET IS THAT?) I enjoyed my stay at this hospital. I did feelt that one of my nurses was less than satisfactory, but everyone else was so wonderful that it made up for her inabilities."

Philip Corrado

"Great. Dictated everything into a tape recorder. Very thorough. Didn't really try to get personal though."

Karen Manson

"Karen helped me in ways that others could not. She was inspiring. She encouraged me when I got the denial the first two times. She helped me find good protien mixes, good liquid vitamins, and a great Surgeon!"
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