Jan 11, 2008

Well, I achieved one of my goals...I went snowshoeing and x-country skiing.  IN THE SAME DAY!  It was awesome...I felt like a new person.  I, for once, was able to keep up with my husband.  Next, my goal is to run a 5 k.  I started a training program called "Couch to 5K".  I hope to do the 5 k in March or April.

Well, 3 and 1/2 months later

Dec 03, 2007

Oops!  Lea reminded me today that my profile is way out of date.  So here's the scoop---surgery went well... I have now lost 78 lbs. all together.  I have 29 more lbs to reach my goal of 125.  I feel awesome now...I have so much more energy, I'm able to shop in "normal" stores (although I do a lot of consignment shopping and Goodwill), and life is just grand.  I'll update this picture soon.


Aug 10, 2007

Well, my date is literally just around the corner and I am a huge jumble of emotions.  I'm scared that I will die, that it will be very painful, that I won't be able to eat again, that it won't work, and a million other things.  I'm also so excited to finally take this step. In the meantime, I'm just waiting for time to pass.  I feel like when I was a child waiting for the first day of school. 


Jun 03, 2007

Big news!  I have switched to the gastric bypass.  Truthfully, I'm still pretty scared of it but I think/hope it will work better.  Ultimately, I want the most success possible.  And I think the choice I made will provide that.  Hopefully, I am close to a date...my dr's office is seriously behind.  Crossing my fingers that some info will come this week.


Apr 30, 2007

My progress so far:
-attended seminar
-attended 3 support group meetings
-initial consultation with Dr. A
-visited the nut
-first half of psych eval.

To go:
-2nd visit with nut=6/1
-2nd visit with psych-5/9
-upper GI
-esphogeal manometry
-gb ultrasound

Well, I guess I'm getting there but feeling a little discouraged.  It all takes so long.  I'm also waiting for Dr A's office to contact me about the appts.  I'm going to start bugging them this week.

4 days until surgeon appt!

Apr 07, 2007

ok...it's an update (thanks laura).  not much to report....I've been to 3+ support group meetings.  This Wed. is my consultation with Dr. A. I cannot wait.   Then it's another 6 days until the nutritionist.  So, things are progressing...slowly but surely.


Feb 14, 2007

Well, it's a snow day although there is little to no snow. I made my appointment for my consult appointment.   I can't believe it's so far away-April 11th.  I can't wait.  I was hoping to have surgery over April vacation but I guess that's not going to happen.  My next goal is around the 20th of June.  That's still a possibility.  In the meantime, I am learning as much as I can about the procedure, the pre and post op expectations, and doing my best to incorporate exercise into my life. 

My First Post

Jan 09, 2007

Ok..so at this point I'm at the investigational stages.  I am considering having Lap-Band Surgery.  I have an appt. at an informational session on February 6th.  At this point, I'm just doing as much research as I can.

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Well, 3 and 1/2 months later
4 days until surgeon appt!
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