July 7th, 2006- I had my consult at Barix Clinic with Dr. Merrymore. I didnt realize that Dr Merrymore only does open surgeries. He doesnt feel that I am a candidate for lap RNY, due to my history of adhesions, but he said I can make an appt to see Dr Brader. He wants me to have a sleep study done, because I snore and my dad had a history of sleep apnea. I think I will do that. I wish someone would have told me he only does open when I made the appointment!

July 30th I had my sleep study done. What a weird experience! But suprisingly, it was normal. No sleep apnea! I am so relieved to hear that! I didnt want to have to go on a C-Pap!

Aug 3rd, 2006- I had a group consult with Dr. Brader. He doesnt feel there is any reason I cant have a lap RNY. I was very impressed with him. He seems very knowledgeable and skilled. I think I am finally ready to do this. I wonder if my insurance will approve it.  I know in my heart this is what I need to do.

Sept 2006- Barix told me what my insurance usually requires to evaluate for approval for this. I needed to have a psych evaluation, a nutritional eval, a note from my family dr, proof of regular exercise, and proof of attempts to diet. I was able to get all of that together pretty quickly. Now I wait.

Oct 2006- I got the call from Empire BC/BS- I am approved! They gave me a tentative surgery date of Oct 31st. Halloween?? I dont want to miss seeing the kids trick or treating! I havent heard anything from Barix, and the 31st in next week. I left a message for Peg from Scheduling. Hopefully she will tell me what is going on.

Peg called today. My surgery wont be until January! Dr. Brader is full until then. Apparently the date the insurance company gives you is a dummy date. I really wish someone would have told me that! So now I wait!

December 14th- Peggy finally called. My surgery is scheduled for January 9th, and my pre-admission testing for December 20th.

December 20th-Pre-op testing went fine. Everything is a go!

January 8th-I have started my liquid diet, and suprisingly, I am not hungry. I think I am just so ready for this that I dont feel it. I am quite proud of myself, I lost 14 lbs since my consult in July. (Partially due to a well-timed stomach flu over Christmas, I must admit!) I have to be at Barix at 8:30 tomorrow morning!

January 12th- Today was my first full day home from Barix. The care there was excellent! I feel pretty good. I got all my protein and water in today, so I was happy. I am feeling very positive about this. Now I just have to lose the 12 lbs I gained in the hospital!

January 17th-I am really struggling with the head hunger. I also think one of my incisions might be infected.. It looks nasty!

January 29th- Only 2 more days to go of liquids.. Yay! I cant wait to start pureed foods. I am doing pretty well.. I go to see Dr. Brader on Thursday. I have lost about 13 lbs. The head hunger has been tough, but I am just taking it one day at a time!

March 10th- I havent posted in awhile. Things are going pretty well. I have lost 40 lbs so far. I am currently in a stall unfortunately. I havent lost anything in almost 2 weeks. I am losing inches, however. I have had some issues with vomiting when I eat too fast, or too much (its hard to eat slow with 2 year old twins!) I am getting a handle on it, though. Its amazing how I have lost the taste for so many foods I used to love! Alot of people are noticing my weight loss, and telling me how good I look. It feels great!

April 13th-I am doing good. I have lost 52 lbs so far! I have lost lots of inches, 35 last month when I got measured at Curves. People tell me I look like a different person. I am doing well enough to have motivated 2 girls I work with to go for consults for the surgery. I still have tough days. I have trouble getting all my liquids in, and my exercise (as though chasing after 2 year old twins wasnt enough!) Since I dont dump, I have to be careful. I still write everything I eat in my food journal, and I probably always will! I still have my battles with head hunger, but all in all, I think I have made many positive changes, and it shows!

May 27th- I am still doing well. I didnt realize until I looked at the before and after pictures to the left how much weight I have lost in my face. I have lost 62 lbs so far. I have been in the midst of a major stall. I am getting my liquids in no prob.. Still struggling with the head hunger.. But all in all, I feel great. Its nice to wear shorts when I am 60 lbs lighter, I look much better! People tell me all the time how great I look.. Its a HUGE ego boost! 

July 17, 2007-I was looking back and realized that its been a year since my first appointment at Barix, one year since I began this life-changing journey. I am six months out from surgery. I have lost 70 lbs, and almost 70 inches. I feel great. Aside from some hair loss, and occasional vomiting if I eat too fast or take too large of a bite, I feel really good. I have been struggling with my weight loss because I am now on steriods for my RA, and that is hindering my weight loss. But I am telling my dr that I want to go off them. Head hunger is still a struggle. Two of my friends at work are getting it done also. Dr Brader has left Barix, which is a dissapointment, but I am waiting to see where he is going. 

Sept 25, 2007- My weight loss has really slowed down. I have lost 76 lbs so far. I have made permanent life changes. I have also motivated one of my friends to also have it done, which makes me proud. My hair loss has finally slowed down, thank goodness! I thought I would be bald! I am going to start journaling again to see if it helps!

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