8 and 1/2 weeks post op (30 weeks)

Jan 01, 2009

Thanksgiving - Christmas - New Years.  Too much snacking, drinking, not following the program like I should and still about the same as month 7.  I tend to eat my protein first, drink my water and take my vitamins so I haven't completely fallen off the wagon.  I also joined the Y so I'm back on the exercise track.  As with all things, it's 2009, the first of the New Year and I'm back to paying attention to what I'm doing. 

I'm wearing a size 14 pants, still wearing some of the 16's and a large top.  Feels great to be wearing that size yet it doesn't seem real until I type it here. 

All is well as far as my health goes - no sickness, no vomiting and I feel fantastic.  My energy level is off the charts and I'm learning how to ski again.  Going to Bozeman in 14 days! 

7 months post-op (28 weeks)

Nov 16, 2008

What is a stall?  I weigh 211 this morning (1 lb more than a month ago).  But....my pants are looser and I'm wearing a smaller size so....I hate to fall into the self hate trap and really hate the word stall.  Yes,  I could be doing better....eating more, eating better, less snacking.  I love candy and found that out over Halloween.  I have a crack whore addiction to the stuff and can eat a little bit with no ill effects...especiall if I spread it out.  I tried on size 14 DKNY jeans yesterday and they fit, but they were too tight so I didn't buy them.  That is an improvement over a month ago....still I wish they would have fit.  I'm wearing a large top and feeling great about that.  All in good time and I know the scale will start moving again. 

The good news is I've not lost any hair - in fact it's thicker and healthier than ever.  I'm dating, looking and feeling great and enjoying life.  My life changed 7 months ago for the better and I'm loving my RNY!! 

6 months since surgery (24 weeks out)

Oct 26, 2008

This morning I weighed 210!  Getting close to that place called onederland I hear so many talking about.  This month my weigh loss was just 5 or 6 lbs, but I'm not losing any hair, I haven't been sick and I look and feel fantastic.  I am wearing a large or extra large top and some size 14 dress pants and 16 jeans that are loose enough to pull off without unzipping.  My goal is to be under 200 by Christmas, but I'll keep plugging away and see where i am.  My biggest concern is the snacking that I'm still compeled to do.  I like sweats and love having litle bites of food through out the day - I will work hard this month and my three meals, one snack and drinking my liquids.  I am loving my RNY!

5 months since surgery - 20 weeks out

Sep 29, 2008

I'm doing great!  Have not been sick once....never had the foamies (whatever that is) and have not vomited.  I am very careful with sugar as it does make me sleepy and makes my heart beat too fast, but I can have a couple of bites and enjoy a tiny bit of sugar.  I also can eat a little bread from time to time which I like to have once or twice a week.  I'm down to 215 from 276 on surgery day and 286 when I started my pre-op liquid diet - which is 71 lbs.  I don't know if that's good or bad, but that's where I am. There is almost nothing I can't eat a little of, but my main goal is not to snack - which is still one of my biggest challenges. 

I'm wearing a size XL top and 16 pants.  The pants are starting to feel a little loose, but the 14's are still too small.

I have a ton of energy - I've been on a few dates and am enjoying all the attention from people.  It's kinda sad how much nicer so many people are to me, but it's all part of the society we live in. 

Four Months post op today (16 weeks since surgery)

Sep 01, 2008

As of today, I'm down 50 lbs since surgery and 60 lbs since I started my pre op liquid diet.  I'm wearing an extra large top and size 16w or 18 pant depending on the style.  I just bought a beautiful Fall jacket from JJill that was an extra large.  I can't tell you how much fun it is to shop in the 'regular' sizes in stores. 

More importantly than numbers, sizes and beautiful jackets - I feel fantastic.  I look good, I'm healthy and this was far and away the best decision I've ever made.  Like many profiles I have read I would echo, I only regret I didn't do it sooner. 

I see my NUT on Wednesday and need to admit to some grazing while on vacation and now know the dangers of snacking as the calories can really add up.  I tend to want to snack instead of eating a meal and I'm slowing getting better about that.  I do pretty well with not drinking before/after eating for 30 minutes, but could do better.  I have had a beer and wine a couple of times, but no soda.  Occassionally I have a little piece of chocolate, but havent pushed that too far.  I don't do well with sugar and fat but have never vomited or had the foamies.  I have dumped though so I'm pretty careful, it usually makes me very tired. 

Next update in 4 weeks!

Three Months post-op (12 weeks today since surgery)

Aug 04, 2008

I'm down about 50 lbs since I started the pre-op liquid diet and down 41 lbs since the day of surgery.  I have never felt better.  The last couple of days I have noticed some hair loss - nothing out of the ordinary for me since I have a lot of hair, but may be the beginning of the kind of loss I've read about.  I think I'm mentally prepared for it. 

I've had food struggles...I dump by getting extremely tired when I eat sugar or fat so I have to be very careful.  I still find myself wanting to 'snack' or 'graze' during the evening hours, but I keep popsicles around for that and limit my snacking to one time before bed.  I find if I eat at very specific times I do much better. 

Here are some stats of my journey so far....

Mon 12th May, 08276 lbs44.6
Mon 19th May, 08270 lbs43.7
Mon 26th May, 08264 lbs42.7
Mon 2nd Jun, 08262 lbs42.4
Mon 9th Jun, 08257 lbs41.6
Mon 16th Jun, 08252 lbs40.8
Mon 23rd Jun, 08248 lbs40.1
Mon 30th Jun, 08248 lbs40.1
Mon 7th Jul, 08246 lbs39.8
Mon 14th Jul, 08242 lbs39.1
Mon 21st Jul, 08240 lbs38.8
Mon 28th Jul, 08239 lbs38.7
Mon 4th Aug, 08235.20 lbs38.0

Two months post-op

Jul 13, 2008

I'm down 33 lbs since surgery, which averages out to about 4 lbs per week.  It doesn't come off quite that evenly as I've had one stall already that lasted over a week a half.  I'm not sure if you can really call it a stall though because I was losing inches as a smaller pair of jeans suddenly fit.  My WOW moments come in the form of good comments from the people in my life and an increase in attention from strangers.  I think it's interesting how basic respect and more visibility are the rewards by simply loosing a few pounds.  It's really nice, however, it's very sad to think of what that tells me about our society. 

One month post op

Jun 14, 2008

I've had my post-op check up at just over three weeks out and all is well.  I've now one month out and down 22 lbs and still learning how to coordinate all the drinking and eating through out the day.  It's a struggle to wait the 30 minutes before and after eating, but I'm getting better at it.  This is a process that takes time getting use to, but I'm thrilled to see the progress on the scale and to hear the positive comments from my friends/family. 

12 days post op

May 23, 2008

I'm down 11 lbs since my surgery and starting to get my energy back.  I've not had any pain since the first few days. I'm eating soy protein shakes, pudding, tomato soup, mashed potatos, cottage cheese.  Yesterday I had soup from Fiesta Mexicana 'Caldo con apollo' - I cut the chicken into tiny pieces because I didn't want to put it in the blender.  It went down fine and was delicious.  All and all this has been a very simple process...I've been lucky to have had no complications, no eating issues and I'm able to drink water and protein without a problem.  This is an interesting journey and I'm enjoying it. 

7 Days post op

May 18, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008 - arrived at Abbott Northwestern Hospital at 5:30 a.m.  Surgeon arrived early and headed into surgery by 7:20 a.m. Monday night I was up sipping and walking by 5:00 p.m. 

Tuesday, May 13, the surgeon arrived in my room at 7am and I was up, washed and out walking the halls and buying a newspaper.  He was impressed with how well I moved and how good I looked.  I felt great!  Was discharged at 2pm and home by 5pm with a quick stop at the grocery store.  Had to remove a couple of icky bandages to walk into the store. 

Wednesday, May 14, felt kinda icky, but still managed to walk, sip, eat a little and play with my dog. 

Thursday, May 15- feeling much better, walked and sipped...managed to get over 50 oz of liquid. working on protein but can only manage a bite or two at this point.

Friday, May 16 - PMS hit hard....miserable cramps and headache.  Had first bowel movement, went to the park and walked and managed to get 60 ozs of liquid in and over 40 grams of protein.

Saturday, May 17 - went to breakfast with friends, had a soy latte and drank about 10 sips. Was a great time with the ladies.  Went to a few garage sales, took the dog to the park and a nice long nap.  Feeling really good.

Sunday, May 18 - walked a 1/2 mile at the park, did laundry, made beds, overall still suffering with some pms, but feeling good.  Today I was a little hungry for the first time. 

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