8 and 1/2 weeks post op (30 weeks)

Jan 01, 2009

Thanksgiving - Christmas - New Years.  Too much snacking, drinking, not following the program like I should and still about the same as month 7.  I tend to eat my protein first, drink my water and take my vitamins so I haven't completely fallen off the wagon.  I also joined the Y so I'm back on the exercise track.  As with all things, it's 2009, the first of the New Year and I'm back to paying attention to what I'm doing. 

I'm wearing a size 14 pants, still wearing some of the 16's and a large top.  Feels great to be wearing that size yet it doesn't seem real until I type it here. 

All is well as far as my health goes - no sickness, no vomiting and I feel fantastic.  My energy level is off the charts and I'm learning how to ski again.  Going to Bozeman in 14 days! 


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