All good things must come to an end :-(

Aug 28, 2009

Well they found out what it was that was causing my abdominal pain.  Turns out I had developed an abdominal abscess on my liver that had encased itself and had been festering for a while.  I was treated with antibiotics for a sinus infection and that was all it needed to take off.  The abscess spread through my whole abdomen and then my body.  I went into the doctor  because of the pain and not being able to keep anything down. (I did not know at that point what the problem was)  I was in surgery within hours. I was told that I would not have lived if I had waited another day or 2 to come in. 

Because the infection (puss :-( ) was all through my abdomen it was also all around my band.  Since the band is synthetic material they can not get the bacteria off of it so it had to come out while they were cleaning all the infection out.  I am still at a loss and feel very strange eating without the band.  I did not have restriction before so things do not feel differently that way but I can definitely eat bigger bites and faster.  I have lost  close to 140 lbs and only have 35ish more lbs to lose.  Before the band I lost weight and kept it off (until kids) so I am going to continue my band type diet and pray that I have the self control to lose the rest of my weight.  

My band diet truly was a lifestyle change and it is one that I have become used to.  I feel I can eat this way for the rest of my life.  I want to keep track of my weight still on here to see myself reach my goal.  So if  you don't mind, 'cross your fingers' and 'say a prayer' for me as I begin yet another segment of this journey we call 'weight loss'. 


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