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Hey, congratulations on your weight loss and progress. I had my...

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I had my DS in December of 2007.  Since then, I've been able to eat most foods and have had no complications.  In the past two years, I started smoking again, skipped doctors appointments and my diet was a wreck.  Christmas Day I ended up in the ER (th

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in the er and they think I have an ulcer. My ds was 8 years ago with no issues. I'm under a lot of stress and have been smoking. I know this contributed. My issue is what are treatments, pain relief and outlook?

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Type 1 Diabetes post op (RNY) -  My wife and I both have ad GB surgery (me DS and she RNY).  I writing about her.  She developed what appears to be type 1 diabetes AFTER the surgery.  Recently, blood sugar levels...
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