Been too long!

May 25, 2009

It has been a while since I have posted on my profile.  I can't believe it.  I'm married to a wonderful woman.  My son is home, my daughter is a good child (when she isn't driving/wrecking LOL) and she is gorgeous.  We have moved to a wonderful town in North Alabama called Guntersville.  We are so blessed.  I am still currently attending Lee University but I am praying for God to order my steps.  I am about to change schools to a local university, University of Alabama Huntsville and complete my degree in Education.  I should be able to attain it within 1 years time.  I feel the need to let young people know they can accomplish anything and be someone while on this earth.  I also feel the need to let God and Christ be seen in me!  I may not can be a youth pastor to them in public school, but I can let God be seen and His love be seen. 

As for WLS, I have regained but am on the losing side again.  I gained around 20 pounds.  I won't step on the scale yet.  I want to see this off in my clothes getting loose.  That, to me, is the best weight loss scale.  My mind has to stay focused and my hands have to control what goes in my mouth.  I'm still a coffee lover, but I love my Crystal Light too.  That helps with my water intake.  I hate water, plain water.  I can't tolerate it.  I love my yogurt and love my protein shakes.  I have to keep them going. 

Well, y'all hang in there.  It's been right at 5 years for me and life is still good.  God makes life worth living.  My wife and kids make it everything else!  God bless and keep your heads UP!!


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