1 week and 1 day post-op

Dec 31, 2008

Well, I made it!!  I have been home for exactly one week tomorrow.  I came through the surgery pretty well.  I don't really remember it but I was told I had a lot of nausea after the surgery.  My surgery was at 9 but I didn't get to leave the Recovery Room until almost 3 because of the nausea.  Then the nurse wouldn't let me get up and walk until after 4 because she wanted to make sure I was ok once I got on the floor.  Once I could get up, there was no stopping me.  I walked and I walked quite a bit on the day of surgery and the day after.  I had some of the worst gas and every time a had bad gas pains then I just got up and walked and walked and walked.  It really help.  I slept for 5 hours straight my second night and was up and ready to go home by 7:30 Christmas morning.  Dr. Bour came in and told me that if I tolerated the clear liquids then I could go home at 2. - Back track for a moment........not having anything to drink was the worst on 12/23.  My mouth was so dry and I couldn't wait until I got my blue ice chips around 2 on 12/24....Happy Birthday me!!! - I made it home about 2:30 and my boys were soooo excited that I was home.  Then the hard part really started - all that d*** drinking of clear liquid protein.  I tried the Isopure and it was HORRIBLE.  I made it through the day and headed right over to my Nutrition Store first thing Friday to find something else that I could tolerate.  I found some Health Wise shakes and despite the sweetness they weren't so bad. 

Today is 12/31 and I went for my first post-op visit.  I weighed 299.8 which is down 17 pounds since the Thursday (12/18) before surgery!  Yay me!!!  Dr. Bour says I am right on target and doing great.  He removed my drain which felt wondeful.  I also get to start full liquids now like cream soups, sf/ff pudding, milk but I still have to get in 80 grams of protein a day and 64 oz of fluid.  I felt a little hungry but when I talked to Meg (Nut) she said that it is probably dehydration because I have only been drinking 20 oz of fluid a day.  My stomach is also playing tricks on my b/c it keeps moaning and groaning which makes my head think it's hungry.  But, I'm doing really well and very proud of my success so far.  My DH says he can tell a difference in my face already and I think I see the start of a jawline and the double chin disappearing.  So, despite the few "WTH have I done moments" and the few crying spells I am doing pretty good and happy so far.

Well, it's bedtime.......and no it's nowhere near midnight but I'm ready to sleep now....Good Bye for now!


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