Once upon a time, that seems long long ago I wasn’t thin but I was at a happy weight in my life… I was attractive and truly happy… I weighed about 170 – 180 lbs… My weight went up and down but never over 200 lbs not even when I was pregnant with my daughter who is now 12 did I break the 200 mark… but as soon I did my weight just kept rising and rising…. I had an active job and a great physical relationship with my husband… But as the years have passed I my activity levels have dropped and my weight has risen and my physical realationship with my husband is no longer there… I have put on over 100 lbs in the past 3 years… I went from 170  lbs to 285… I went from waiting tables to sitting behind a desk… I went from playing paintball 3 times a week to watching Big Brother 3 time a week… I know if I were more active I could lose some of this weight but the more activities I do the more pain I am in… and the more my knees give out on me and more I fall…

I am determined to loose this weight… No more silly diets… I’m taking this seriously now… I refuse to weigh 300 lbs… Look out Vista (my insurance company) I am not taking NO for an answer :o) My story will end with me livin hapily ever after... You just wait and see :o)

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