Everyone's Perception on who should have WLS

Jan 21, 2011

Sometimes I wonder, "what does one have to look like to have WLS?"

Many have said to me that, "oh, you don't need WLS. You don't even look like you need WLS." I'm thinking, I do need WLS. After failed attempts of losing weight I find myself being miserable with aches and pain in my knees and ankles for carrying this weight. Also extreme acid reflux.

I'm 5'2.5, 292 lbs, and a BMI 53.1. Because I carry my weight well, does that excludes me from surgery? I mean many people look at me and say, " you don't even look big." All I could say is, "the scale and BMI does not lie!"

Who are these people prejudging me on my outside appearance? If my PCP and myself feels I need this WLS, then I do!

Again, what does people perception on individuals not looking the part have to do with WLS? I'm just sick and tired of people coming at me with such nonsense! 


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