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"Everyone I came in contact with was just wonderful. No one was ever crabby, no matter how overworked they were. And believe me, that unit I was on was BUSY."

Keith S. Gersin

"I met Dr. Gersin right before surgery! (My surgeon was not able to do the surgery that day, but Dr. Gersin could still be there, so I said, "Go ahead!") Dr. Gersin was very nice, and I instantly trusted him. I still think he is the best, and I am really glad it turned out that he could do my surgery. (Lap RNY on 102902.) Office staff: great! Jessica Toliver has gone out of her way to be helpful and just a gem. Everyone else I have come in contact with is also the nicest. What did I like least - Not a thing. What should future patients know - there is no getting around the things you have to do before he will do surgery. That includes the psych eval, diet classes, support group meeting and anything else he thinks is necessary. Aftercare is great. The diet classes really prepared me to take care of myself at home after surgery, questions were always answered. Support group meetings are very good. Risks of surgery - went over all that early on. I wuld rate Dr. Gersin very highly. I don't know how he does everything he does. He is super busy and he is an excellent surgeon and it pleases him to see his patients do well. I really think he feels this surgery helps people and it's not just the $$$$$ he makes doing it. Great surgeon, very good bedside manner."
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