post op 1 week

May 21, 2009

Well, I finally had surgery on may 12, 2009. Hve been home for several days and everything seems to be going ok. Went in for my 1 week check up a i lost 14 lbs.

got a date

Apr 09, 2009

It has been a while since i've updated my profile. I got my surgery date today. MAY 12TH 2009, a little more than a month away. It has been a trying couple of months trying to get all my docs to turn in their paperwork so i can get a date. To make matters worse, my husband lost his job last week. stay tuned.....

month 5

Jan 11, 2009

Well, I was really hoping that 09 would be a good year for me but, it is not starting out good. I went to the new surgeon this week and was told to call the  lady in the office that deals with the insurace companies for the patients in his office. She and I talked and it became obvoius  to her that I was not as close to having surgery as i had thought. I have been seeing a doctor for 5 months now but according to her, because I did not see a dietitian every month and have it documented what  specific diet I was following and the results, I need to start over with my 6 month supervised diet!!!!!
I am sooo mad I can hardly believe it. So basically back to square one for me -make that  month 1.

month 4

Dec 26, 2008

well, this month has been one of transition. I saw the dr at the beginning of the month and they wanted me to set goals for myself in regards to weight loss. So i started to work out 30 min additionally after work in addition to walking 30 min at lunch time at work. That plan got put on the backburner for two weeks to work overtime to make more money for christmas. Now its a couple of days after christmas and i haven't lost any more weight. In addition, I also saw a different surgeon at the beginning of the month and have decided to switch because  the surgeon where i have been going does not do the vsg. I will be seeing the new guy starting in jan. Hopefully, if everything goes well I will be having surgery in march or april.

month 3

Nov 04, 2008

Busy day today! I had four appointments today. I had the ultrasound and stress test early in the morning and the regular doc appointment  and  the psych eval in the afternoon.  I think I just need to see the doc now for three more months. I am however debating which procedure to have the vsg or the rny. I'm leaning towards the vsg because i don't want the dumping. I think it would be confusing with my diabetes  when i start feeling really bad symptoms to figure out what is going on (low blood sugar , high blood sugar, or dumping). So I have an appointment with another surgeon to discuss the vsg because Beaumont doesn't do this procedure. Hopefully, I can get all my records transferred over since I've had to pay $600 for all this pre-op testing. I lost three pounds since last month.

month 2

Oct 19, 2008

10/03/08-   I went to Beaumont weight control center today. I saw the dietitian, and the regular doc. They made me set goals as far as exercise and foods to eat to facilitate a 13 pound weight loss before surgery. I'm not sure if i mentioned it or not but the Beaumont weight control requires a $600 program fee for the 6 month nutritional program which includes doctors visits and dietitian visits along with the exercise physiologist and the group meetings.

The journey begins

Sep 06, 2008

9/5/08 - Went for first appointment at the wls center. Had blood work done, took a picture of me, met with dr. and made more appointments for the following month. I thought I was supposed to meet with the dietitan, but was told no when I arrived. Anyway, I have an appointment with one next month. I have also made an appointment for the psych eval. I guess I'm on my way.

Background Info.

Jul 22, 2008

7/ 22/08  Went to the wls seminar today. Tomorrow I will call and see if I need the 6mo dr supervised diet before I can get approved. I probably will -so that will put me at january before I can see any improvements. On the bright side it also means 6mo of post op losing  till next bathing suit season.   Anyway, my story is that I'm a type 1 diabetic on a pump. I started gaining weight about 1-2 years before I was diagnosed.Then I rapidly lost weight right before I was diagnosed. As soon as I went on insulin I gained 20 lbs. Then I got married and had a baby and gained more weight. I think I gained 70lbs with my pregnancy (ouch). Since then I have done atkins (for 6 mo. my blood sugars were great) weight watchers ( I got down to 219 but hated to count the points) now I just e at whatever. I have researched wls and believe it is a tool to help me level the playing field with all the things I have going against me in my quest for sustainable weight loss.

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