12 Weeks Since Surgery

Jun 07, 2011

Well, I am 12 weeks out and steadily losing consistently every week :) It has been awesome.  I'm down 49 pounds, to 216!  Only 17 pounds from my first goal of 199 !!!!!! Can't freakin believe it.  I am in a 16 NICELY, down from a tight 22!!  I am one size away from highschool WOW

The thing that I'm struggling the most with is taking compliments : / when people say omg kim you're getting so skinny, you look really good etc I don't know what to say not to sound conceded!!  Im just like, really?!  you think?  well, i am trying...thank you!  LOL 

I've been playing Roller Derby since 2 weeks after surgery and it is FANTASTIC.  Getting faster, lighter on my feet, and I feel like I'm becoming a real ATHLETE, which my name and the word athlete NEVER went in the same sentence before now :D  

Well, that's my update for now!  I'm really enjoying reading my friends' blogs on here and seeing your pics!  I added a pic of one I took this past weekend.  I was feeling skinny.  Now I need a place to wear this dress!


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