Admitting I Have A Problem!!!

Mar 08, 2016

Friday, January 29, 2016

Hi! My Name is Joyce! I am 51 years old, disabled, happily married to a wonderful man who supports me in anything I do, we are from Virginia. I am a food addict and I am a overeater. I NEED HELP!
My heaviest weight was 505 lbs Sept. 2011. From Sept. 2011 to Nov. 6th 2014 I lost 94 lbs through all kinds of diets, a lot of mistakes, a lot of overeating, a lot of hiding food so nobody could see what i was eating, but I still made it. On Nov. 7th, 2014 I had Weight Loss Surgery (Duodenal Switch). I have lost 135 lbs since my surgery with a lot of heartache and tears, lots of carbs and sweets. My old habits have came back to haunt me. I am sneaking and eating, hiding food. Sometimes it's like I don't care. With the surgery, I know it a mind set thing, and my mind is not there anymore. I wake up every morning with the best of intentions, but by evening and night fall I won't to eat the whole house down. I don't understand! It is so bad when we grocery shop, I can pass by the outer aisle and there are cookies and cakes and i am literally drooling. What is wrong with me? I feel so bad. I literally can't stand myself. I am hurting on the inside and all i want to do is eat! Looking for HELP!!!!!
I made my first step this morning. I found a NA group ( there is no OA group in our area) and I went! It was a good meeting and I will go back. Just listening to those NA addictions got me to thinking about my addiction of food. Some shared their stories. My heart hurt for them. It was kinda sad. The were very open. I talked to the lady at the beginning of the meeting and told her I was there for OA purposes. She welcomed me with open arms. They have lots of meetings here all during the week. I am ready to do this. I met another newcomer that was there for NA but she also has a eating disorder. they suggested we exchange phone numbers, so we did. Hope to find a sponsor!


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