is the abridged version.  I can remember being fat since about the 4th grade.  I remember struggling all my life..there were a few times in my life where I managed to lose 90-100# each time...but keeping that weight off was obviously unsuccessful.  I have one beautiful son from my first marriage.  He is 9-years old and his name is Noah.  My first marriage was very troubled.  I was abused both physically and emotionally for many years and stayed because I felt I couldn't do any better.  My ex-husband did me the tremendous favor of walking out on me when I was 4-months pregnant with Noah..I filed for divorce 2-days later and have not looked back.  When my son turned 3 I met a wonderful man who would become my husband and best friend.  With Ron I had my daughter Autumn and we have been married for almost 4-years.  He treats my son like his own and I am so very grateful for finding him at the right moment in my life.  I have spent my adult life taking care of others and while I don't intend to stop doing that I very much want to take care of me too.  I feel this is ultimately the best way to take care of my family - for me to be healthy and happy.  Hence my desire to have weight loss surgery.  My family is awesome, my friends have been wonderful and I feel I am on the road to success! 

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